Friday, November 21, 2003

Salam Aidil Fitri 1424 Hijrah

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Selamat menyambut 1 Syawal 1424 Hijrah. Maaf zahir dan batin

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Monday, November 17, 2003

It feels nice to receive news from friends. Received one from a former coursemate in Uni, she just finished her master... congrats dear, I wish you all the best. From 1 e-mail, it became a thread of e-mails from the other BENdits (what we call ourselves). Mostly updates on our lives, mums to be, brides to be etc... Since there were about 30 of us taking the course back then, the bond is strong among us. Bila nak buat the real reunion ek?

Received a raya card from the University's alumni. They never fail to send me the bulletin every month. I on the other hand, never give any feedback. Very teruk of me lah.

It has been 21 days of fasting and alhamdulillah.. tak rongak lagi. Hope I'll be able to fast the entire month. I am quite disappointed though, I don't have a chance to break fast with my family back home. Abang is busy with tonnes of works to finish before raya. We were supposed to go back to Klang last week but we cancelled the plan over things he deemed important. So sad huhuhuhu... (pinjam en. poad)

So raya plan this year would be... 1st syawal in Kuantan and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 4th..... allright put it this way, I'll spend 7 of my 10 days holiday in Klang....and another 2 in Kelantan. A sweet 'revenge' sebab tak dapat balik masa puasa. Unfair? keep it to thyself eheh..

Weekend was spent at home, watching CDs. Oh.. went to Megamall and Kuantan Parade in search of tudung for the family ( mum, sis in law, Ita and Noni). Bought 1 for each of them and none for me. Tudung aku banyak lagik. Planning of buying a pair of sandal for raya but none suits my taste, either too strappy or to plain, not to my feet's liking. I need a sandal that offers me both comfort and style. I'll give it another round some times this week...

Workwise, relaxing week so to say. Just have to mark the remaining 2 papers, submit the end result and then cuti raya. Again, I'll be one of the remaining few who will work on Monday the 24th. Tak perlah, I'll punch in... go home...come back at 4.30 and punch out. What a plan *evil grin* hahahahaha.. nak mampos?

Thursday, November 13, 2003

It has been a week since the last entry, nope... I wont use that lame excuse - no time-. In fact I have all the time in the world to jot down something, but it just that I was not in the mood to write, I don't have interesting stories to tell.

Yesterday was total relaxation for me, went to clinic for check-up. All ok, alhamdulillah, bought some CDs.. 4 for RM 10, very suprising. So we went on spree, beli sampai RM 30. Watched 'The Others' featuring Nicole Kidman. Nice story. I'm still looking for a CD entitled 'Madam Butterfly'. Susah betul nak cari CD lama nih ek.. I didn't cook for iftar, My sister in law was in charge, so there I was lazying around till buka puasa.

I received a sad news on Tuesday. One of my student passed away, involved in an accident in Raub on Sunday. He was in the middle of final exam, went back to his kampung for iftar with his family. He was a good student, his first semester as IPT student. May Allah bless his soul. Al-Fatihah...

Some of my officemates have started their cuti raya, ye lah, since they have no more classes and this is and oppurtunity to relax from work, balance annual leave pun bertimbun. Mine pun bertimbun buat I'll save it for maternity leave next year.

Received few kad raya... I still prefer the old way, write something, put it in an envelope, paste a stamp and post it. Still doing it until now. The feeling of reading a hard copy raya card is diffrent from reading an e-card. I received some from my students... It feels good to know that they remember me.

Oh.. I also received several wedding invitations. Semua masa musim raya. Kalau larat pergilah, kalau tak kirim salam jerlah eheh...

I'm off now... have to finish the internal audit due tomorrow.... very boringlah, have to count all the chairs and tables, and practically everything owned by this company... Eh boss... no bonus ah this year?

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I have been craving for ikan pekasam, abang bought it few weeks back but it was not what I want. I want ikan pekasam kedah style, the one with beras goreng. Today as I stepped into my office, a container full of ikan pekasam was on my table. A student from Kedah bought it for me. Alhamdulillah. So tonight it would be ikan pekasam goreng dengan bawang dan cili padi treat for me.. oh yes.. never forget a squeeze of lime upon serving. Can't wait for iftar today eheh..

I have difficulty to sleep these days... get on my bed at 11pm and I stiil up when the clock strikes 1am... ayoooo ho hard lah to get up for sahur and to work. Any suggestion on how to overcome this problem? I've tried many things without a success... so frustrated.

Gulai ayam, ayam goreng, ulam and sotong pedas yesterday... and caramel for dessert. I hate having to think what to cook day after day. Not that I'm complaining. It's just that I don't know what to cook anymore. Kang susah2 masak singgang ikan aya... Buying food at Bazaar Ramadhan is not an option, I only buy kuih there. Why? becoz I'm pretty much cerewet about the taste.

I miss my mum's cooking!!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Spent the whole day marking papers.. phewww.. penat mata aku. My mum called, there'll be an iftar, sort of family's get together this week at grandma's place... oklah i'll be there though I know I won't enjoy it as much as I wanted to.... I'll spare the details.

Watched my nephews played firecrackers last night, brought me down the memory lane when ayah was still with us... hmm.. I miss him. Alfatihah.

What... baju raya? No specific baju raya this year. I'll just wear whatever I have bought. Abang... he said baju nikah still fits, so no need to buy or tailor a new one. The money can be channeled to other things. I couldn't agree more.

Kuih? I'll make some... the ingredients are just money in my pocket eheh.. no time to bake cookies lah. Talking about kuih raya, rupa jer lain, rasa sama jugak. But I'll make sure there are plenty of kerepek on my table, different kind ofcourse.

Duit raya? you give me lah.....

Monday, November 03, 2003

Second week of Ramadhan, alhamdulillah. Planning of going back to Klang this weekend... I have to start marking the final exam paper today, hopefully I'll finish it by Friday. That means about 30 papers perday, on everage. it's not the number that scares me.. I mean 30 is nothing but other obligations I have to fullfil, classes and another 2 sets of final exam questions to be drafted. God.. give me strength.. Amin.

Our iftar cum farewell party (?) last weekend was ok, the food was ok except for the crab and terubuk bakar... "cam tangkap tahun lepas jer" eheh... I skipped both after seeing my friends eating them. The steamboat and kuih muih were tasty.

going home now.. nak singgah pasar ramadhan mana ek?