Tuesday, October 18, 2005

of responsibilities..

Had a splendid iftar last Friday. Thanx dear for the lovely gift and the lovely evening. I didn't call home as often as I should last week. My teruna was down with fever again. I reached home at about 8.30 pm, there he was lying on his favourite comforter, hugging his beannie bear.... he looked at me and started crying "ibu...ibu...ibu... nak totong (dukung)" "ibu... pale anash (kepala panas)" I felt as if I have abandoned him the whole week. I took him, carried him around and he slept soon after. Amazingly, he was very active the next day.. so we took him with us to Klang Parade. Did some serious raya shopping for him. went back home and I prepared some dishes for iftar. Lama tak masak, kekok plak.

Started Reaserach Methodology class yesterday. I think the subject is quite easy to understand though this is my first attempt learning statistics. I can digest the info yesterday. Today's story is quite different. We started off quite well with Mr. Z. His explanation on formulae and procedures is good, that I began to think maybe just maybe I can pass this course with flying colours adaquately. But Mr. N came in the next session, pouring us with lessons he alone understands. The worst part is that we have another 4 sessions with Mr. N. God help me!

Another majlis tonight. Majlis Perpisahan for our DPA Director. Malasnyer nak pegi huhuhu

Thank you for all birthday wishes....

Friday, October 14, 2005

a year older

Happy birthday to me! Alhamdullillah, I am still given a chance to breathe the air. It's a special birthday for me, The last time my birthday falls on Friday was in 1988 if I'm not mistaken. Took a picture as usual, analysing if any wrinkle has appeared hahaha. As usual, I'll be giving a birthday present to my mum. It would be a nice foot massager for her. A friend of mine asked me of this particular birthday routine of mine. I simply answered, "if it's not for her, I won't be here today talking to you"

My little sister literally begged me to buy her Peterpan's new album. Kids nowadays.... at twelve, and they know lats of things I never know during that age. Being a very good sister I am, I'll buy it lah. But what's the album title ek?

Hubby is on his way here, better be off now....

Thursday, October 13, 2005

So long... farewell

Our beloved DPA Director is promoted to JUSA C post, the Director General of National Service department, Ministry of Defense. We received the announcement with mixed feeling, for one it is indeed a good news but at the same time DPA won't be the same without him. The next DPA batch will definitely miss the fun we had with him in 6 month duration in Intan. But that one particular PPK will now have his chance to get a transfer he wanted badly (at least from what he tells us lah)

Iftar yesterday was ok. I couldn't control my tears looking at those orphans receiving duit raya on the stage. How lucky I am compared to them, and how ungrateful most of us for what we have and enjoy now.

On lighter note, I've finished both assignment on International Relation module and book review. Well done Angah. Now I sit back and relax waiting for tomorrow to come. Abang will be here, fetching me for an iftar together, Haven't seen him for almost 3 weeks. Will be on shopping spree on Saturday, most of things to buy are for my teruna....who else.

My teruna has gained weight, so berat lah. Wanted me to dukung him all the time, I guess he's using all the time he has with me during weekends. How I miss him... Esok ibu balik yer Arief..

Monday, October 10, 2005

Die Standing

Lot of iftar with this person and that person to attend. Today it'll be with Pengarah Intan, followed bybersama anak yatim Al Kifayah, then with PPTD, after that with KPPA. That is not enough, we'll also have a number of executive talks, ceramahs, moreh by sidang and yes... not forgetting assignments and exams. These are all in Ramadhan..

Open a chapter after Ramadhan. After 3 days celebrating Eid, we'll be here to resume classes. A lot, i mean A LOT of activities including outdoors. Starting with Malam DeepaRaya, Malam Suara Emas, Malam Jasamu Dikenang, Malam with KSN, Malam penutup.. malam is not enough.. we have Battle of the band, telematch, futsal (gents and ladies), teather... a lot more actually..

Participation is a must! classes + assignments + exams + daytime programme + night programme = I can die standing!

It's a part of the training.... standard answerlah tu huhuhuhu

Off to punch out.... have to be ready for today's iftar programme.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The First Step.. for everything

Alhamdullillah, it's the second day of Ramadhan. I read a newspaper this morning, and I came accross an article on Ramadhan. It made me realize how lucky I am to be a muslim in Malaysia. I have more than enough to eat during iftar, and most of us even have more food to dump into bin. Quoting the article "here we experience Ramadhan everyday, whole year through, we seldom have enough food for everyday consumption, it's just anoher day for us". I'm sad, angry and sympathetic all at the same time looking at pictures of children, sitting on a dusty floor, eating but a cold, hard chunk of bread, all they can get that day. And our children, on the other hand, can afford to be choosy, complaining on food served to them! Ya Allah, give me guidance in educating my children to be grateful of what You have bestowed upon us.

On a lighter note, Went to the gym yesterday for a light exercise, had 1/2 hour cycling. Enoughlah to burn a bit of fat. Since calories taken this month is lower, hopefully by light exercise, I'll lose some weight.

I haven't started doing my assignment on book review yet, came another this morning for Hubungan Antarabangsa Module titled Malaysia and South-South Corporation. Very good! now I have additional burden in my head. I have no slightest idea what to write. Whoosh!!! there goes my weekend and the rest of next week. Oh another burden is coming in... research methodology module starting next week. Need to run to the nearest pharmacy, get myself paracetamol stock, just in case...

Public Speaking tomorrow, will be talking on "BLOG : the not so new but the so not known realm of writing" catchy title huh! without a content... bah! Now I need my paracetamol.......

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Down the memory lane

I have a hypothesis : Ramadhan is already here, most blogs will probably... nope... will be full with memories, sweet or bitter, of the past Ramadhans. I won't come out with statistics of course. It comes naturally and it is contagious! When one blogs his/her usually childhood memory, others follow suit. Quite an experience to read those entries. I enjoyed them very much. So many similarities though we live in different places. I'll blog mine... the recent ones, especially after becoming a mother...

Another hypothesis : Many of us dream of loosing weight during Ramadhan. How many of us actually lose that excess begage when the amount of food we consume is not lessened. And sadly speaking, that includes me. We take kuih, air manis, nasi with lots of lauk for iftar. We take another kuih, air manis, junk food after maghrib prayer. We take yet another side dish, or even nasi, air manis after terawikh. We take again some other food our hand can grab before bedtime. Food (a lot of it) + sleep - excercise = no weight lost. A reminder for me.. eat moderately. Makan semasa lapar dan berhenti sebelum kenyang.

Once again, I'll be fasting and breakfasting students' style, excluding "ikan jaket" phewww.. had enough of ikan jaket. Will only be half day classes, followed by tadarrus in the afternoon, iftar, tarawikh and moreh (the best part of it all ehehe). I am okey with that. But... the tadarrus is held in dining hall, that is way up at Melati (top of the hill) and we have to drag our feet down the stairs to punch out after that, and again drag our feet to the dining hall for iftar. Now how clever is that?

Ever heard of govt's rain? Nope? ok... it's like this, whenever it rains here especially during suai fizikal day, we'll be like HOORAYYY but as the watch strike 5 pm, the rain stops. Happened again yesterday. It was raining heavily but it stopped at 5.30pm, giving us an ample time to attend the closing ceremony of Sukan Inter Sidang DPA 2/2004 at 5.45pm.

I heard that we'll be floating again after DPA ends, there will be reshuffling of postings. I don't mind actually as long as I can be posted in Kuantan. Federal ke state ke aku tak kisah. On bonus, service allowance and cola allowance, Alhamdullillah rezeki anak. RM50 pun duit jugak, kalau tak usaha mana nak dapat?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Bye outdoor, hi indoor

Finished all outdoor modules. Last week was in Cheras for Police Module. Was interesting but a little bit boring coz most of the time were in class. The best part of course having an opportunity to do road block. Quite nervous at the biginning, but hey! I enjoyed my self observing motorists' behaviour when asked for their licence and road tax. Agaknya aku pun gelabah cam tuh jugak.

Visit to forensic lab was not up to my expectation, but visit to lock-up definitely making me say NO NO to crime! Learned to shoot too. We used vector 9mm. Look easy but very hard I tell you. Went back to Kiara on Saturday after a splendid dinner the night before.

One observation : I look good in uniform ehehehe....

Will be indoor module for the next 2 months. Puasa in hostel huhuhuhu sure tak best. At least I can have an iftar with mum every week this year. As for my teruna, this raya will witness him in his new baju melayu + samping + songkok. Imagining him jalan terkedek2 is enough to make me smile.

Another day before Ramadhan. Anybody has forgotten niat puasa?