Tuesday, June 28, 2005

cerita ceriti

Couldnt go back last week. Went mount climbing, Gunung Angsi, Hulu Bendul, jalan-jalan dalam hutan sebenarnya since the route used was different. We had fun, splashing water on our way down. All in all I could see that some of us are very good in giving a helping hand to those who needed it, but some are too engrossed with the activity, showing off their nonexistence skills. Let them be. I just don't care. Some were injured or were not well even before the programme. I respect their will and determination to join the activity to some extent, I repeat... to some extent.

On Sunday we had our culture night. Was oklah considering the time taken for practice and rehearsal. We pulled it through nonetheless. Haaaaa... the worse was coming, I slept at 3.00 am finishing up the assignment. On Monday most of us were walking zombie.

I miss my baby huhuhuhu...

This week will be full of preparation for Penempatan Daerah. Have to digest everything since it is considered core subject. Have to move to Intengah. Adeh... malas nak pack and repack.

I miss my other baby huhuhuhu....

off for more classes...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Week 3

Third week full of classes. End of this week we have to climb Gunung Angsi. Climbed it twice so I guess ok lah. After that we'll be having Malam Kebudayaan. The theme is Pop Yeh Yeh.. hahahha couldn't wait to see them on stage (that will also incudes me bah!)

I'm actually preparing myself for Penempatan Daerah early next month. Practically living with my new 'parents', very takutlah. Would be a big advantage for those posted to pejabat daerah to finish their thesis on District's development. Modul tentera and OBS are ok, I'm looking forward for those kind of activities.. hoping to shed weight (kalau boleh ler)

We are constantly reminded of our attitude and behaviour as an officer. I can digest that. Some things irritate me though, simple things usually. As a participant I have to swallow all that but as a mature adult I think the pill is too bitter for me (mental note - this is just the beginning Angah) But yeah... at least I can put my sustain power to test.

Well.. yesterday was my second swimming class. Woohoo.. I can float and glide and kick and move around the shallow part of the pool.. next step is the strokes. It's not that hard to learn how to swim being a 'berudu' I am. Some of us are 'tapak sulaiman" (campak tenggelam) Hopefully I can move on to 'bilis' group after 4th lesson. Abang did teach me the basics of swimming, aku jer yang manja sangat.

Was with my teruna the whole weekend. He couldn't have enough of me. Pantang hilang kelibat mesti meraung. He's now learning to utter words like kakak, cicak, ayam, ayah, nenek and some other. Very clearlah the pronunciation. But since I address myself as Ibu, lambatlah nak dengar. I notice that he has a very good analytical thinking skills, if I can put it that way. Once he threw his ball under a moving swing. He held the swing, stopped it, crawled under it and took his ball back. Another time when his ball was stuck under my car, he used a broom to take it out after a few tries with his hand and feet. Alhamdullillah, my task now is to develop this skills.

Got to go to another class on Perundangan Tanah. Very dry subjectlah I tell you but very important for PTK 1. But not as boring as strategic management lecture last week... I wonder how the penceramah is selected...hmmm

p/s : COngratulation to Ame and Izzat on the arrival of their bundle of joy, Sofia Nur Aurora. Enjoy parenthood and say goodbye to a good night sleep eheh

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mula Mengira Hari

DPA dah masuk minggu kedua. Last week hari pertama dah kena pegi night trekking. Seminggu rilek jer. Cuma Modul Human Resource Management. Aku dapat sidang C. Bulan depan akan pergi penempatan daerah, straight to modul tentera and OBS. Kalau tak demam.. mampus eheh. Tapi lepas tuh boleh lepak2 pergi kelas etc.

Rindu ngan anak tak usah cerita ler. Line ma*is plak hampeh kat atas bukit nih, Ce*com kaya ler nampaknya 6 bulan nih.

Suai Fizikal nampak ok. Esok start kelas berenang. Aku sure masuk team berudu (team campak tenggelam)

Nak siapkan assignment pertama. Perut dah keroncong.. so chow