Monday, December 19, 2005

busy bee

My weekend was full of kenduris to attend. There was kenduri berkhatan for a start ( 3 places, and my mum just have to go to all of them), followed by 2 weddings of not so known relatives at least for me, yet my mum made her way to both! I was the obedient driver the whole weekend, driving from kapar to Banting to Puncak Alam to Kuala Selangor and to Sepang! I ended up on my bed, slept a dreamless sleep. Luckily my mum willingly put my teruna to sleep. I went to work this morning with my eyes half open. I was so tired but thinking of my mum, her willingness to take care of my teruna the whole of 6 months during DPA, and will continue doing so since I am posted here, melts away the tiredness from my system. If she ever ask me to drive her around the world, I'll do it.

I'm going back to Kuantan this weekend without my teruna tagging al0ng. It'll will hubby and me, our time alone. Thinking of moving back to inlaws' house, rent our house and have the furniture moved to my place here or rent the house fully furnished. It wont be economically efficient if hubby stays in our house from this moment on. Got to think of more options, got to come out with an arrangement that will benefit us. Think Angah... think...

Friday, December 16, 2005


Got the permanent post yesterday. Went to se the respective director for report duty. Got placed in one of the section, got my table, got my computer ( a brand new one)... but I haven't got heart to start my life here! Keep thinking about my teruna in Klang and my other half in Kuantan. I questioned myself whether we can function as a family this way? Whether my teruna will question one day.. of why he has to live with people other than his own parents? Am I a bad mother for leaving my teruna under my mum's care? I don't have answers to all these questions, I really don't..... I hope I'll get it soon... Ya Allah I pray to you to give me strength to endure this.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Makcik Kayo?

A happy day today so to rhymes !

I've been told by seniors that DPA was the time to save money. I've been told a lie! Not only I spent.. I spent a lot! for many things ( I rather keep the list to myself) For one there was an RM 200 baju batik, an RM 850 full set baju istiadat, and more RM for more baju and more yuran : didn't I say I rather keep the list to myself?

Anyway.. Today I got the chance to mend the hole they make to my pocket! yeahaaa...

Kuantan to Intan Bukit Kiara to Kuantan - can claim, can smile.

Being transfered again! to the headquarters - can claim. This one will definitely make me smile.

And then the baju istiadat allowance has been upgraded. Another reason to stay smiling.

But I have yet to smile.. not until the claims are safely deposited into my account. My head is full with to do list.... with the money of course.

On my teruna.... He's on pediasure now. Alhamdulillah. At least he can tolerate the amount of lactose in pediasure. A bit costly but hey.. I'll do anything to ensure his health. I'm so grateful that he's still breastfed though not exclusively as he used to be.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Re-Posting, re-shaping

Here I am, stranded in the office 2 weeks after DPA ended. I got re-posted to the HQ here in Putrajaya. So... so.... sad. Thinking of my 2 babies.. abang and arief. I was hoping to be posted back in Pekan if not Kuantan, hoping to be under one roof after 1 year of being here and there. Still tring to grasp the idea of having to live separately at least for the next 3 years or so. If other people can, why can't I?

It's not the end of the world Angah! I'll do what I've been told to do, after a few months I'll try my luck of tukar suka sama suka with a friend currently posted in Kuantan. Hopefully the management will re-consider. Now I have to find a place to settle in. Luckily my mum is around to take care of my son.

On a lighter note... yess friends... thanx for the wishes. It really took a great effort to lose weight. It took me about 4 months to lose 11 kg. Still need to lose about 5 to reach my goal. The recipe is eat less and exercise more. Eating less without exercise takes you nowhere. I suffered the first 3 weeks or so to restrain myself from consuming food but as time goes by, the tummy will sort of adjust to the new amount of food we consume. Watch calories intake perday, take a lot of plain water, take more fruits and vegetables. Since the minimum calories to be taken is about 1300 instead of a normal 2000, do take not less than the former and not more than the later. Do a cardio exercise (running, cycling, aerobics, walking etc) at least 1/2 hour 4 times a week and increase the time and resistance as you go along.

Answering one of my friend's question. No dear.. I didn't take any form of weight losing product what so ever. I just watch my calories intake (less carbohydrate, fat, sugar) and exercise regularly. Yes it was hard at the beginning, But after 2 months and the result is encouraging, food intake and exercise have become a routine for me. My aim now is to lose another 5 kg and maintain the weight... at least until Allah granted me with another bundle of joy in my womb.