Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Makcik Kayo?

A happy day today so to rhymes !

I've been told by seniors that DPA was the time to save money. I've been told a lie! Not only I spent.. I spent a lot! for many things ( I rather keep the list to myself) For one there was an RM 200 baju batik, an RM 850 full set baju istiadat, and more RM for more baju and more yuran : didn't I say I rather keep the list to myself?

Anyway.. Today I got the chance to mend the hole they make to my pocket! yeahaaa...

Kuantan to Intan Bukit Kiara to Kuantan - can claim, can smile.

Being transfered again! to the headquarters - can claim. This one will definitely make me smile.

And then the baju istiadat allowance has been upgraded. Another reason to stay smiling.

But I have yet to smile.. not until the claims are safely deposited into my account. My head is full with to do list.... with the money of course.

On my teruna.... He's on pediasure now. Alhamdulillah. At least he can tolerate the amount of lactose in pediasure. A bit costly but hey.. I'll do anything to ensure his health. I'm so grateful that he's still breastfed though not exclusively as he used to be.

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