Friday, July 28, 2006

Yang Dinanti

"Abang Gabit wannabe"

Glorious day should I say? last day of working, my husband is on his way here, my teruna is at home playing with his 'abang gabit' (motosikal mainan). The family will be re-united after a month separated. I am happy. Oh.... talking about my son's latest craze. It's motorcross! and his favourite rider is Habibullah aka Gabit. No wonder he shouts ABANG GABIT! ABANG GABIT! everytime he sees a motorcycle. He can identify Gabit amongst the riders. Buleh ka? And my husband, when told about this, said "boleh la abang belikan motosikal bateri tu, tak mahal dalam RM500 jer, bateri buleh charge, macam kat rumah Yati tu, biar dia pusing2 kat beranda rumah emak" Me, being a dutiful Finance Minister of the house firmly said NO! better use the money to buy something better.

Plans for this weekend? Will be in Damansara tomorrow, abang is reporting for duty for Putrajaya Duathlon on Sunday. He's one of the commissaire. And I thought the race is in Damansara! gone la my initial plan - 'Le Tour de The Curve/Ikea/Borders' huhuhuhu. Since the event is in Putrajaya, jajahan takluk aku tuh! So aku tak ikutlah on Sunday.

Sunday evening will see us on a journey to Kuantan. So people if you see a blackish green car (is there such colour? errkk) with 2 bicycles on the roof, that would be me ahaha. One day rest in Kuantan on Monday before we depart to Kuala Terengganu on Tuesday morning for a seminar my division is organising.

I'll be in Kuala Terengganu until Friday, with abang and my teruna tagging along. Yeahaaaa combining work with pleasure. I like.....

So this blog will be collecting dust for a week. Till then... have a great weekand and a productive week ahead ( I know I will ehehehe) toodles.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Went to Maroz Tailoring at jalan Masjid India to take no.1 dress (baju istiadat) for my graduation day in September. I was afraid that I cannot fit into the dress... since I did the fitting November last year. Yeahoo..... muat! longgar lagik ehehe.. "biasanya kalau PTD datang ambil baju istiadat mesti kena besarkan, ni kena kecikkan ni jarang2 ni" I took that as a compliment (muntah hijaulah kengkawan). 2 dress (day and night) made me RM850 poorer huhuhu.

Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang dinner tomorrow night at PICC. Ayooo I wish I don't have to go.. demi tugas ku gagahkan jua. Usher jer. What do I wear? hhmmm..

Went to Carrefour last night. Thought of buying my teruna's formula. the usual 6 tins for the whole month. It is sold RM48.90 this time around instead of the usual RM 51.75. BUT limited 2 tins per costumer! I was like...kenapa plak? So I had to buy only 2. Have to go again today and tomorrow for another 4. Another option is to ask my friend to buy it. Eeeiiii.. susu pun kena catu? Ingatkan gula jer.
Watched news last night on the demise of Hani Mohsin Hanafi. I couldn't possibly imagine the grieve her daughter went through, witnessing the whole incident. Her cries reminds me of my sister's cries when our father passed away in 2001, my sister was 8. "Kak Lin, Noni dah takde ayah, kenapa cepat sangat Noni takde ayah?. I didn't have any answer, I just held her close and said that Allah loves ayah more than we do. I admired the way Datuk Seri Effendi Nawawi consoled Hani Karmila, very fatherly... I like.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Now I'm just gonna ramble... don't have to hear me out...
Got a call from a so called friend who whined and whined endlessly on how pathetic her life is. I just sat and try to absorb everything she said and went hmm and hmm and hmm. Okay, her life is pathetic, at least to her. I was trying my best to console her, telling her that it is not the end of the world, that she is lucky compared to other miserable being I wont mention here.
But hey... that was not an easy task. It was impossible to say the least. She was impossible! I mean come on, being married to a businessman who runs his business 24/7 (as she claimed) and not being there for her everytime she wants to go shopping, not returning her calls once in a while, not having time to have breakfast together... the list goes on.. CONCLUSION : HE DOESN"T HAVE TIME FOR ME!
I told her that she is lucky, though her husband is quite busy, they can still see each other every single day. I told her to make the best of it, spend quality time together. BUT NO! what she wanted was for her husband to be with her all the time! And for the record, this friend of mine just got married about 6 months ago.
Oh.. she's a full time house wife. I told her to get a job. BUT NO! she said she planned to be a dutiful housewife, as she plan raise her children on her own. I was like.. what the ****, saying one thing and acting in another. If you have chosen the life you want, then live it! don't whine!
I told her to think rationally, practically, that marriage is not about two people glued to one another all the time. It's about adjusting one's life to suit another. It's all about planning and make sure the plan materialised. Since her husband is a businessman, and busy almost all the time, surely she has to plan their activity ahead. BUT NO! she said she like spontaneity. *rolled eyes* - spontaneity my a*ss!
Ok.. I was still trying to my very best, listening and consoling her.... but her remarks after that saw my patience vanished into thin air!
She : ko takkan faham angah, ko tak rasa sunyi macam aku rasa, ada suami tapi asyik tak de masa untuk aku.
Me : at least tiap hari ko jumpa dia, aku ni dok asing lagik, ujung minggu baru jumpa.
She : setakat jumpa waktu malam, takde pegi mana2, tak buat apa2 best, baik tak payah jumpa.
Me : (at this point I snapped!) Well lady! stop living in a cinderella world will you! you have not experience the feeling of having to live separately from your husband and your child. I have and I still am, and I tell you, it sucks! Baik tak payah jumpa you tell me? try it for a month, no no.. a week. then give me a call.
Me : Friend or no friend, don't say things you don't know to a right person at a wrong time! Calling me in the middle of a night, hoping I would understand your non-existence problem, I am here, living 400km away from my husband and 80km away from my son, hoping to meet them at every chance I get, and you tell me "baik tak payah jumpa?" just because you couldn't drag your husband here and there. You live under one roof for goodness sake! Why can't you be thankful?
(I switched off my handphone!)
I'm just gonna wait if she still has guts to call me. I don't care if she doesn't anyway. I don't lose a thing, losing her as a friend maybe.... but she's not the only friend I have.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

be someone else?

If you were given a chance to be someone else, even for a single day, who would you prefer to be and why?

Simple question, hard answer. Was flip flapping a megazine when the question popped out.
Most of us want to be rich and famous, and yeah... super duper beautiful and a body to die for... BAH! and then what? an awfully handsome husband, other women drool over? and then what? children so spoiled that they deserve a kick or two in the a*ss? and then what? naahhh.. money cannot buy happiness.. is it?
And what is happiness really? a stroll in a park with a loved ones? a house full of kids they ran amok at a given chance? big job, big car, big house? seeing your ex lives miserably with his beautiful Bimbo with a capital B wife? seeing your children grow up? How about having all the above? will we be happy then? Will it last?
Nothing last forever.. that's for sure. Ask me the question, I rather be me, myself and I. Grabbing any chance there is to be happy the way I want it. Happiness is an abstract thing, your definition might well be different from mine but I bet, the feeling is similar.
Speaking of being someone else. I got a chance to be a firefighter, a soldier and a policewoman, a week each, during my 6 month course last year. What an experience! Having to wear breathing apparatus, putting out fire of all sorts, journey in the sewer, scuba, handling M16, battle innoculation, jungle trekking in spike boots, road blocks, handling revolver.... I am thankful I'm just another desk officer! But I'm happy to have the chance to be in their shoes, experiencing their daily routine even for a week.

ASP cadet for a week ahahaha.. can laaa..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wrap ups

Very long weekend indeed, nursing a sick child. Took 2 days off, Monday and yesterday monitoring my son's condition. .
We went to clinic on Friday after I got back from work, runny nose and cough my poor child was. The early symptom of bronchitis. We had some fun at Pantai Remis on Saturday (the bronchitis symptom was not that bad that day). Arief started to wheeze that night, but not that alarming.
Come Sunday, he was ok in the morning but later in the evening he started to cough and vomit. Went to the clinic again and this time we had him nebulized for the upteenth time this year. I started to wonder, whether it'll leave any side effects. He slept a baby sleep that night. What a relief.
Took 2 days of, Monday and yesterday to monitor his condition. Had nebulizer sessions both days. Pity my son...Called Bilik Gerakan on Monday, and as suspected the air quality index was at 80-85 in Klang, all because of forest fire at Ijok, Kuala Selangor. No wonderlah Arief's bronchitis visited him yet again.
I am a walking zombie today. My body is here in the office but my heart is at home with him. Called mum a dozen times today just to check up on Arief's progress. Alhamdulillah.. he seems better mum said.
I wish abang were here... coz sometimes I feel helpless. Seeing my son undergoes the treatment month after month is heartbreaking. Not being able to be with him everyday while he's sick is sickening. I need emotional support. I feel drained!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

sirih junjung

Pic 1 : Kos RM 30

Pic 2 : selitkan bunga kapur/pinang/gambir

Pic 3 : "sirih junjung asal ada"

Dua sirih junjung yang aku buat baru-baru ni.Dua yang atas tu memang aku hadiahkan sempena perkahwinan kawan baik aku kat Banting.Yang bawah tu aku buat untuk pakcik hubby aku secara ad hoc, bidan terjun, pakai apa yang ada jer. Ada gak pattern lain selain yang tradisional cam ni. Terpulang pada pelanggan nak camne la. Yang popular bentuk ni la.


This is my schedule for the upcoming weeks so to say.. I'll die standing.. BAH!

22nd - 23rd July - Pahang Mountain Bike Challenge, Pekan Pahang. I heard he Sultan will be coming, quite a big event. As usual angah the result towkay.

26th July - A day trip to Kuala Terengganu. Checking hotel's facilities for a seminar.

1st - 4th August - Seminar in Kuala Terengganu. Urusetia je, considered holiday can or not?

14th - 18th August - Photography course in Cameron Highlands. Urusetia again, another holiday perhaps?

16th September - Division's family day - Sungai Congkak, it will be kenduri kampung style, sembelih lembu lagik...

19th September - CONVOCATION!!!!! yeahaaaa... after the hardwork, the sleepless night, everything we had to go through for 6 months. Hopefully the no.1 dress stills fit ehehe..need to do some alteration I guess since the fitting was done in December. This is already July and I've gained feew pounds huwaaaaaa!!!

so people please set your appointments in between the dates mentioned ahahahaha...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Side Income

Hari ni aku nak cerita pasal side income. Aku adala cita-cita nak berniaga tapi tak tau nak berniaga apa. Angan-angan kena ada. 9 daripada 10 rezeki tu kan berpunca daripada perniagaan kan. Kerja sekarang bukan la tak bagus, untuk selesa tu boleh tapi untuk kaya raya pakai kereta brabus tuh tak le eheh (kuat angan-angan aku).
Abang memang la berniaga sekarang ni. Dia banyak galakkan aku gunakan kebolehan aku ntuk generate income. Betul jugak cakap dia kan. Aku adalah kebolehan sket bab-bab buat hantaran, bunga telur, bunga manggar, sirih junjung, door gift, senang cakap kerja-kerja kreatif tangan ni la. Jadi aku pun ambil upah buat sikit-sikit kat rumah. Barang2 semer pelanggan beli di kedai yang aku tau murah. Aku cuma buat je. Modal tak de lagi.
Masa aku kawen dulu, bunga telur je aku buat 1500 batang, belum campur ngan door gift bagai. Murah dan ikut citarasa sendiri. Jangan tak percaya bunga untuk 1200 batang tu aku kait! Ntah berapa banyak gulung benang bulu aku pakai ntah. Aku tak ingat. Punya la nak kelainan. aku ingat lagik, minggu selepas aku kawen tu ada majlis Maulidur Rasul kat sekolah adik aku, memasing kena bawak bunga telur sorang sebatang. Majoriti budak bawak bunga telur aku tu hahahaha
Kengkadang balik Kelantan tu aku pergi Rantau Panjang atau Wakaf Che Yeh tengok design yang aku boleh tiru ehehe, beli la jugak material untuk buat kerja. Kan murah kat sana kan. Kalu sebungkus besar pot pouri (besar bantal) tak sampai RM 10 pun. Kat sini cuba tengok!
Buat masa sekarang ni aku banyak buat door gift masjlis kawen sedara mara ngan kengkawan ikut kehendak mereka. Kengkadang tu sengaja aku bagi hadiah kat sensapa aku kenal, bila diorang bagi kat tetamu sure nama aku naik kan, dapatlah aku panjangkan rantai perniagaan yang amat kecil ini.
Ni projek besar-besaran untuk majlis perkahwinan adik aku plak. Since dia dah lantik aku jadi wedding planner eheheh.. boleh la ku jadikan landasan untuk kenalkan kerja aku ni pada kengkawan dia dan kengkawan pada kengkawan dia dan sedara mara kengkawan pada kengkawan dia....Masa dia bertunang pun aku buatkan hantaran. Mudah dan simple. Letak dalam kotak, guna bunga segar sebagai hiasan. baju tunang dia pun aku jahitkan manik.
Angan-angan aku, bila dah cukup modal aku nak bukak kedai. Buat service benda2 camtu. Ada kawan aku ni pulak teror jahit menjahit langsir, tirai, baju semua. Boleh buat join venture kan. Baju-baju untuk aku pergi function pun banyak aku tempah kat dia. Itu angan-angan la, tapi start ngan angan-angan baru boleh jadi cita-cita kan. Boleh aku pakai brabus ahahahaha
Pendapatan aku? tak tentula, bergantung pada tempahan jugak. Tapi boleh la nak menampung keperluan aku kat sini. Especially keperluan yang banyaknya tak perlu pun ahahahaha. Yang pasti aku minat kerja-kerja tangan camtu. Aku enjoy buat. Orang kata kalau kita bukak perniagaan yang kita suka, senang nak berjaya. InsyaAllah.
Try upload gambar tak leh plak, nanti lah aku letak hasil kerja tangan aku.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Everything yet nothing

"i want to break free?"
Mawi and Ina officially called off their enggagement. It was expected of them after the hu ha hu ha in the media. I was not suprised! But something tickles me though... put it this way... I laughed my head off! Mawi asked Ina to return all his photographs. Lawak antarabangsa betul laaaa...macam budak budak baru belajar bercinta! If Ina asked Mawi for her photographs I can accept laa.. but the latter? takut kena mandrem ke? Lets say, I said lets say.. someone wants to mandrem him for some reasons unknown, he or she won't have to have Mawi's photo laaa.. melambak poster dia kat sotkaba, kat majalah! gunting je, bawak kat Tok Bomoh true or not? Let them be.
Advertisement : Calling all female, single, aged 18-23, preferably wearing veil, pleasant looking to apply a post as girl friend. Send in 4R sized photo. Post will be upgraded to fiancee based on performance.
Any takers? BAH!
Watched Buletin Utama last night on Yusry-Era divorce affirmation. It seemed that they were closer now. Very the pelik la. "We'll remain friends forever" why married in the first place I wonder? Let them be.
I hate them!
They made their own conclusion, after baseless discussion based on hearsay and assumption. They are very good, in fact the best!
Assumption :
1. I live separately from my husband because I have marital problem
2. and I dont want any more children
3. and I run after money
4. and I hate my in laws
5. and.. tle list continues
Discussion :
1. Why, what, when, who, where of the list above
2. Some things that I was supposed to take you know, move back to Kuantan, resign and be a housewife since my husband is working.
1. I am a very bad person, not good enough to remain married to my husband!
2. I am a selfish being
2. sell my stories all over the places, preferably at weddings/relatives get together.

Friday, July 07, 2006


My desk's in mess, my head's cluttered up, my vision's blurred, my body's ached... all because an assingment I have to finish. So many documents, references you name it and I have to analyse them and come out with a full blown analysis. Ayoooo.... being a kuli batak I am, have to laaa. All because people up there have made a decision. Take the positive side...I'll sharpen up my skills, thus giving me advantage for future tasks.
On different story, will be going to Kuala Terengganu for a week end of the month for a seminar. Hopefully there'll be extra room so I can bring along hubby and our teruna. Mixing work with pleasure, how fun! End of month and Terengganu, very bad combination, a threat to my hubby's pocket hahahaha..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Balik Kampung

Basikal oh basikal, sudah ada carrier untukmu berdua...

Jumaat lepas, aku balik Kuantan sorang-sorang. Jam 6.00 petang dari Putrajaya. jam 10.00 malam sampai di Kuantan. Singgah di R&R Temerloh membasah tekak, mencuci muka dan solat. Teruna, aku tinggalkan kat Klang. Agaknya kalau tak jem di Jalan Duta ngan BUlatan Batu Caves, jam 9 lebih aku dah boleh sampai. Abang kata drive slow-slow. Aku mmg drive slow pun, maintain 110kph jer.
Ceria hujung minggu, penuh dengan acara menghabiskan masa berkualiti bersama suami. Kami ke Pekan, meninjau tapak Kejohanan Mountain Bike. Abang pengarah teknikal kejohanan. kami jalan-jalan carik makan, carik pasal eheh. Lama sungguh tak ke Teluk Chempedak, memang ramai manusia. Pelukis jalanan, badut pun ada. Aku beli aiskrim, makan2 sambil jalan2 tengok orang! bukan tengok pantai hahaha...
Satu benda aku belajar, kalau dah tau lamb chop kat satu kedai ni sedap, jangan ngada2 nak makan kat tempat lain. Kau cuma akan dapat lamb chop yang terlebih garing, dengan sos black pepper yang pedas tahap dewa bersama kentang goreng hangit dan sayur kobis cincang dengan RM10 yang kau bayar. Ya.. aku belajar daripada kemalasan abang untuk carik parking di kedai yang selalu kami pergi tu.
Fiat Marea aku bukan Fiat Marea yang dulu. Fiat Marea aku sekarang ada carrier cap Thule di bumbungnya dengan 3 (ya.... 3) pemegang basikal. Dengan rupa terbarunya ini aku telah berjaya menipiskan akaun bank. Adalah beberapa ribu huhuhu.. Teruna aku dah tak boleh menjulurkan badannya kat bukaan sun roof dah hahahaha... bagus jugak! Lepas ni senang aku laki bini nak bawak basikal, tak payah dah bukak2, cabut2, simpan2, pasang2 setiap kali nak travel.
Petang semalam aku drive balik Klang lepas zuhur. Abang tepon aku pada kadar kekerapan setengah jam sekali (tak percaya yang isterinya ni drive slow eheh) Sampai rumah, teruna aku dah terpacak depan pintu... "Ibu...ibu...ibu..." Alahai.. merdunya suara tu.... satu malam menepek kat ibu, melepas rindu agaknya.