Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wrap ups

Very long weekend indeed, nursing a sick child. Took 2 days off, Monday and yesterday monitoring my son's condition. .
We went to clinic on Friday after I got back from work, runny nose and cough my poor child was. The early symptom of bronchitis. We had some fun at Pantai Remis on Saturday (the bronchitis symptom was not that bad that day). Arief started to wheeze that night, but not that alarming.
Come Sunday, he was ok in the morning but later in the evening he started to cough and vomit. Went to the clinic again and this time we had him nebulized for the upteenth time this year. I started to wonder, whether it'll leave any side effects. He slept a baby sleep that night. What a relief.
Took 2 days of, Monday and yesterday to monitor his condition. Had nebulizer sessions both days. Pity my son...Called Bilik Gerakan on Monday, and as suspected the air quality index was at 80-85 in Klang, all because of forest fire at Ijok, Kuala Selangor. No wonderlah Arief's bronchitis visited him yet again.
I am a walking zombie today. My body is here in the office but my heart is at home with him. Called mum a dozen times today just to check up on Arief's progress. Alhamdulillah.. he seems better mum said.
I wish abang were here... coz sometimes I feel helpless. Seeing my son undergoes the treatment month after month is heartbreaking. Not being able to be with him everyday while he's sick is sickening. I need emotional support. I feel drained!

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