Friday, July 28, 2006

Yang Dinanti

"Abang Gabit wannabe"

Glorious day should I say? last day of working, my husband is on his way here, my teruna is at home playing with his 'abang gabit' (motosikal mainan). The family will be re-united after a month separated. I am happy. Oh.... talking about my son's latest craze. It's motorcross! and his favourite rider is Habibullah aka Gabit. No wonder he shouts ABANG GABIT! ABANG GABIT! everytime he sees a motorcycle. He can identify Gabit amongst the riders. Buleh ka? And my husband, when told about this, said "boleh la abang belikan motosikal bateri tu, tak mahal dalam RM500 jer, bateri buleh charge, macam kat rumah Yati tu, biar dia pusing2 kat beranda rumah emak" Me, being a dutiful Finance Minister of the house firmly said NO! better use the money to buy something better.

Plans for this weekend? Will be in Damansara tomorrow, abang is reporting for duty for Putrajaya Duathlon on Sunday. He's one of the commissaire. And I thought the race is in Damansara! gone la my initial plan - 'Le Tour de The Curve/Ikea/Borders' huhuhuhu. Since the event is in Putrajaya, jajahan takluk aku tuh! So aku tak ikutlah on Sunday.

Sunday evening will see us on a journey to Kuantan. So people if you see a blackish green car (is there such colour? errkk) with 2 bicycles on the roof, that would be me ahaha. One day rest in Kuantan on Monday before we depart to Kuala Terengganu on Tuesday morning for a seminar my division is organising.

I'll be in Kuala Terengganu until Friday, with abang and my teruna tagging along. Yeahaaaa combining work with pleasure. I like.....

So this blog will be collecting dust for a week. Till then... have a great weekand and a productive week ahead ( I know I will ehehehe) toodles.

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