Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Back

Week's random oder, so to say...
Malakoff Duathlon Series in Putrajaya on 30th July. I was there with both abang and our teruna. Went back to Klang and departed to Kuantan after Maghrib.
A day break in Kuantan. Went nowhere except to Taman Bandar for a jog.
Tuesday saw us departing to Kuala Terengganu for the seminar. 4 days in Grand Continental. With abang and our teruna tagging along, very hard for me to concentrate on my work...waiting the clock strikes 5.30pm. Ayooo... the rest is history. Sight seeing, meeting friends the usual stuff. It's not my first time in Kuala Terengganu anyway.
Friday, 4th August. We headed back to Kuantan. A quick stop at Paka to meet a dear friend of mine. Had lunch anfd off we went, Abang had to submit a document to Forestry Department. Anyway, congratulation Tini! I'm happy for you.
Jom Heboh is in Kuantan but I had no intention to go, though it's just 2 km away from my house, I just HATE crowded places. Instead, abang and me went through initial documents for Kuantan Duathlon Series scheduled early next year. Last year was a success, need to start early. We are looking for new sponsors. Ontahsapo... nak jadi sponsor t-shirt/banner/bunting tak?
We departed to Klang after Isya' on Saturday. My teruna slept the entire journey.
And yesterday... we went to Kelana Jaya for a Criterium Race, and lepak at Le Squadra Le Tua's place afterwards.
A week full of journeys and activities for angah & co. and yes, dompet memang nipis laaaa

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