Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I love taking pictures. Kodak moments of my life. I take all kinds of pictures just for the fun of it. It's fun to look at those pictures and try to remember back the moments. My craze is of course my teruna. His first everything! The cost of developing the pictures will make a hole in my pocket. Thus most of his pictures are still in softcopy format.

These are the dresses I promised you to publish. Which cost me RM850 huhuhu. Mujur buleh claim.

Baju Istiadat untuk acara malam, I have no idea of when do I actually have to wear this.

Baju istiadat untuk acara siang, I'll wear this on graduation day next month. It comes with a songkok. Musti kelako ekekekeke

My hunny bun sugar plum with cars. Not his mind you. Those cars belong to uncles of Le Squadra Le Tua. We were at their house in Sungai Buloh after the race in Kelana Jaya.

"Ibu.. abang aiya ala colat" (translation : Ibu, abang haiya ala al-solah). My teruna's version of tahiyah al-akhir. Bersila tuh ahahaha
I still owe you all pictures of the carrier on my car. Wait aaa... let me godeh2 the files first.

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