Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Wanna puke it all out!!

Everything was fine, everything was ok, everything was in order until one particular person came and made some comments, bragged *a full 1 hour or so* about how lovely her house is, how she managed to ukur tanah around Kuantan searching for cushions to match her like-I-can't-afford-one sofa.. duhhh!!! like everything must be told lah. I, being a nice hostess, tadah my ear, smiled once in a while *feeling of giving her a tight slap* for ruin my peaceful weekend. Oh!!!! being a pain in the a** she was, she gave out lots and lots of comments, negative ones mind you about my little heaven which is still under renovations, yeah... ok... ok.... I can still listen, I guess that was not enough for her, she started to give me lots and lots of suggestions on how to decorate my little heaven, suggestions if followed can definitely make hole in my pocket.*bragging still on* erkkk.... her husband came, she left after testing my not-so-delicious kek batik. Phewwwww..... I rather be with 10 todlers than with her.

Abang just looked at the entire scene smiling... I had to do all the listening. But it's ok, those were all her opinion, people's opinions are always right, it's up to us to accept them or not. Masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri ler. I just think of the entire scene (s) as one of weekend's free entertainment eheh..

ok... it's all out of system now.. I can breath easily *humming*

Juara Lagu 18

I admit, I enjoyed watching the show. Both presenters were superb minus the double meaning jokes they cracked once in a while. The winners, they deserved the winning. Personally, I like Adibah Noor's version of Wassini eheh.. no offence to Waheeda's fans. Noraniza Idris, as usual.... her formula worked against her again. Siti's creativity helped her won the best performance I guess, hip-hop style plus tap dance, she did good. All in all I gave 3 out of 5 stars to AJL 18. Anyone knows the criteria to choose best vocal?

New Year's Resolution

Still thinking of one eheheh.... did I achieve any one of the resolutions I made for this year? Maybe 1 or 2.... alhamdulillah. Still have another day to come out with one for 2004.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Of accidents and more accidents

Working Saturday aka sitting-in-the-office-doing-nothing. Drafting some tutorials, working on the mid-term paper thats all. Read today's newspaper on the accident involving a lorry and few motorcycles, hmmm... who to be blamed? the lorry driver? the motorcyclists? the highway developer? The first is to be blamed for his reckless driving. The second... I doubt but the third has to be blamed too for their failure to build proper shelter for the motorcyclists under fly-overs. You know the ones they have along PLUS, with proper parking spaces behind the railing. About a meter from the road.

We are so worried on the mounting number of accidents, we try to find solutions- all policemen can give out summons, an officer on every bus journey, no journey after 9.00 pm, various campaigns bla bla bla.. the list goes on and on..... but have we ever think to upgrade the safety level of our road, our highway, our vehicles?

Look at our roads, how many are sufficiently lighted? how many are actually free from potholes? how many actually have enough space of 'bahu jalan' in case terbabas ke, emergency stops ke? Sometimes, these things are the causes of accidents... yup, the drivers have to be alert of the road's conditions.. but these things can be avoided in the first place right?

Our vehicles, our national vehicles... no offence to fellow owners. The manufacturers keep upgrading the body kit, the look, the image, biar nampak sporty katanya, biar menarik pengguna muda katanya... why can't they take a step forward to upgrade the safety side as well... a stronger chasis, airbag, ABS brake system, to name few aspects. Yes, the price will be higher but it will be a worthwile investment. At least kalau accident tu tak de lah teruk sangat. Ni... kena butang seluar jeans pun boleh kemek... hmmmmm....

The drivers, what to do? what should we do to teach them to 'bersopan santun di jalan raya'. Takkan nak letak polis sepanjang jalan. Stern action? already being done. Stringen penalty? already being done. The problem is their attitude... how to change someone's attitude? I don't know.


-Thought of taking a leave on 2nd January since 3rd January is the 1st Saturday. Nak balik kampung.

- Spent an amount of money the other day.... money flows like water these days... do I have any other choice? naaaaaaaaah

- Appointment with gynae on Monday, 34 weeks, 6 in counting... it is fast approaching.... mixed feeling at the moment :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Went to Bank Islam yesterday to renew my ATM card. Hehehe... overdue dah. No charge whatsoever alhamdulillah. Planned of going to Bank Muamallat at about 10.30 am to deposit some money, but somehow I hesitated. So I just went back to the office.

Last night, the breaking news... Bank Muamallat dirompak lebih kuirang pukul 11.00 pagi... Ya Allah.. I guess I made a very, very wise decision not to go there. kalau tak, I might be one of the eye witnesses. Scary thought came over... eiiii.. I started imagining bad things...

A colleague delivered a very healthy baby girl last night, weighing 3.65 kg. Going to pay her a visit after work. Congratulation Kak Ija.

Tomorrow's plan : doing nothing at all - marvellous plan is it not?

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Money well-spent (?)

Watched LoTR : Return of The king on Sunday. The movie was great.. but I think the part where Saruman made chaos at the Shire, and the fact that he was eventually stabbed by Wormtongue should have been included in the movie.... but yeah... people won't notice, it does not interfere with the plot sequence, but for those who have read the book, they surely want everything to be included. The part where Aragorn himself heals Eowyn, Faramir and Merry, the part where Faramir falls for Eowyn.... yeah... then again, camne nak compress everything in 3 hours kan.... eheh...

Abang gave his comment " kan ke mudah kalau dari mula guna tentera hantu tuh lawan semer orcs". I answered, "kalau camtu tak thrill ler cerita...." I would say, I like LoTR : The Two Towers better, why? because it was fast-paced, as simple as that.

What I detest the most is people's attitude in cinema. Do they have to talk out loud, "lepas ni kan jadi camni, jadi camni." Do they have to 'rock' my seat? Why do I always have to say things like "boleh diam sikit tak?" or "tolong turunkan kaki" Do these people have to attend course on "how to behave in cinemas" or does cinema's management has to come out with "Cinema manual - the do's and dont's" hmmmmm.. any solution? The recent incident was the worst - orang masuk panggung nak tengok wayang... dia pi buat wayang pulak... grrrrrrr ilang selera nak tengok wayang.

Congratulations and celebrations la la la la

to fellow comrades on their wedding
1. Wan Mohd Faizal and Norlida
2. Shafie and Aswahaida
3. Khairul Nizam and Noorul Firdaus

to fellow comrades - bride and bridegroom to be
1. Mohd Hafiz
2. Nurul Aina

to fellow comrades on their engagement
1. Kafiza
2. Suhaili

And they all have held or will hold the ceremony this month... conratulations again :)

I crave for sate, went on search last night and failed. There are a lot of sate stalls here, but I wanted that one and that one only. "Gerai cuti dari 21/12/2003 hingga 27/12/2003" I was so frustrated reading it. Abang said, "makan kat gerai lain tak nak ke?" I said "tak nak." Being a good husband he is, we went back home, and he cooked his famous instant noodles for both of us.... daripada nak makan sate, makan mee segera jer... macam2....

Friday, December 19, 2003

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... counting the days... of actually, finally....updating my blog... answering a fellow gejuis' question... I'm fine, safe and sound. I just dont have any interesting updates of my life.. all routine ler...

The jamuan hari raya was ok.. the food was nice, but what I hated the most was, "pastikan semua staff berada di dewan tepat pukul 4 ye" I was like.. oh ok.. so I finished my class 1 hour early. I was there before the clock strikes 4.00pm but the actual jamuan started at 5.00pm. Baik aku teruskan kelas tadik.. rugi masa jer.. grrrrrrr... speeches and all before makan2, the news we were waiting for.... bonus. Oklah... a month pay or minimum RM 1000.

After reading a quite disturbing article, Angah thinks that:

Words sting like bees... the pain is sometimes unbearable, can be healed but the painful memory sticks to our mind. We'll go "no way... I wouldn't want to be stung anymore" but how? stay away from all 'bees', kill the 'bees' or just let ourselves being stung again and again until we develop some kind of immune system in our body?

I'll go for the third option, sooner or later the bees will get bored and eventually stop doing what they do best.... How do I know for sure, well people hate being ignored. Ignore the words not the people.. don't give any reaction to whatever disturbing words being uttered, don't give any response.. just pretend that we forgot to switch on our ears.... the bees will sting when we react to their actions right? So.... without any reaction or response from us, the bees can keep those words and shove them to where the sun doesn't shine....

Angah finished thinking.... phewwww.....

I have to
- book LOTR-Return of the King tickets for tomorrow.
- do some serious grocery shopping.
- lipat all the kain... mounting up in the laundry basket.
- attend a fellow comrade's wedding - what to get him? a kettle jug?
- finish making bakul hantaran for a customer.... just some final touches.
- get some rest after a looooong week (should be at the top of the list hmm..)

have a great weekend everyone :)

Monday, December 15, 2003

Very wet weekend... spent it at home taking care of abang, he had high fever. Hmm.. and took care of my brother in law too... a tendon at the back of his leg (ankle area) was partially cut, main lari2 lepas makan roti canai, terpijak gelas, praaakkkkk... gelas pecah, tendon putus. Admitted to to the hospital on Tuesday actually, discharged on Thursday.... dahlah kena jahit, kena simen sampai peha lagik... well.. 10 years old active boy... what do you expect, sitting properly, watching tv with the rest of the family? you wish.... eheh

My mother in law, was quite shaky when she looked at her son's conditionafter the treatment, yerlah.. she thought the injury was soooo serious sampai kena simen.. explained to her, that it was just a precaution step, avoiding him from moving too much... she seemed satisfied with my answer. But the incident is a blessing in disguise I supposed. It doesn't leave him with any option than lepak kat atas rumah. Kalau tak, mesti tak dapat dikesan sebab main banjir.

Went to clinic the other day for further check-up, alhamdulillah everything is fine. Another 1 and a half month to go... God.. how nervous I am. I'll just pray for the best :)

Workwise, quite relaxing since the workload is just 9 hours per week.. Have to buat kelas tambahan for the next two weeks, just in case I couldn't finish the target syllabus before raya haji. Kesian pulak lecturer ganti nanti.

Got Majlis Jamuan Aidilfitri and Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang tomorrow afternoon. What? No.... it's not me.. as long as naik gaji.. oklah I supposed eheh.. not so much of an ambitious worker am I? What to wear eh? cam lah ada baju raya pun this year :P, I'll just bring my empty stomach then.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Back to work after 3 days of bed rest. Felt the pain since Monday, but I ignored it, can't stand it Tuesday morning, went to clinic.... did some tests and the doc said I experienced premature contractions.. which, in certain cases can lead to premature birth. Ya Allah.. I was so shocked. The causes were, stress, overwork and extensive travelling... kes tak reti duduk diam ler nih. So I was given specific instruction to stay in bed for 3 days, with some medication I hated... yuck... The baby was okay though, alhamdulillah. I'm going to the clinic again this afternoon for further check-up... cross my fingers for things to be just fine.

Banjir! banjir! 3 days of non stop raining caused flood.... area rumah aku pun banjir juga. Since I was in my hibernation period, tak dapat saksikan ler air naik (baca: main air) Tak tinggi pun, sampai paras betis jer. Already subsided this morning, Alhamdulillah.

Geng Jurnal's gathering next month, really wanted to join the fun with you guys, but due to my condition, it'll be my 37th week.... kenalah lupakan hasrat suci murni tuh. Takper, there'll be some other time.

Off for some documentation work *whosssshhhh*

Monday, December 08, 2003

Arrived from Kota Bharu after maghrib last night... sooooo exhausted. Used Jerangau-Jabur highway (highway ke?) but the road was closed when we reached Dungun.. so had to use Jalan Pantai.. took us extra time ler... was raining all the way. Raining all day in Kuantan, abang told me on the phone. At home.. took a hot bath, ate a little and zzzzzzzz

Shopping? no time to shop since the workshop's schedule was so tight. Had a chance to 'sneak out' to Pasar Siti Khadijah, bought some cloths... and since we stayed at Renaissance Hotel.. Billion ler tempat merayau... got myself a pair of nice sandal.. this time it is to my feet's liking. The weather was suprisingly good the whole 3 days I was there... just hujan manja yesterday. I kept track of the weather via TV etc.. nak travel balik kan.. Alhamdulillah, the weather was on our side..

This morning, went to office... mamai jer. I had to jaga kaunter for new intakes registration day. Work is work... thought of taking an MC but the good side of angah said no...

Oh.. congratulation to Jigomorrison and Borg on their wedding yesterday. Got the news from spyz's blog welcome to a new life, enjoy it to the fullest, and yes spyz.. I guess jigo will remember the discussion on tulang yang bengkok.... I heard another gejuis will tie the knot anytime soon.... sapa? saya tak nak beritau, anda ceritakan...

Remember the thing I was so upset about on my birthday... I shared it with a fellow friend. We never met, but we share the same experience, the 'ouchhhhh, that hurts' kind of experience. Over e-mails, we reached a conclusion, let gone be bygone, we have our lives, why messing it up.... with unimportant things right... Yeahaaaa... 2 thumbs up for the spirit Kak Jas..

New semester has begun, alhamdulillah just have to teach 2 classes, 6 hours per week...

Can't wait for December 18th.. Lord of the Ring : Return of the King.. lambatnya minggu depan.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Back to work today, a note on my table welcome me.... have to attend bengkel pengajaran in Kota Bharu this weekend... sure penat giler travel. What to do... work is work right...

Arrived in Kuantan yesterday evening, was raining all the way. Biasalah ujung tahun nih. Had our lunch at Sup Gear Box restaurant in Temerloh, infront Kolej Risda.

Spent about a week in Klang with mum, visiting relatives and friends as usual, year in year out. Day 3 of Syawal was spent at home, entertaining guests. 4th and 5th of syawal baru bergerak. was eating like nobody business eheheh.. everything looks delicious. Decided to entertain my appetite, while I still can.

Oh.. went for check-up this morning, dah start 2 minggu sekali since dah 30 weeks. Everything is normal, including weight gain... phewwww remembering the food I took the whole of last week.

On the lighter note, welcome to this world dear nieces and nephew..... Nur Firza Irdina binti Ahmad Faidzi, Shahrul Izwan bin Mohd Amir and to-be-named binti Ruszaini eheh... Hugs and kisses from Mak Ngah.