Saturday, December 27, 2003

Of accidents and more accidents

Working Saturday aka sitting-in-the-office-doing-nothing. Drafting some tutorials, working on the mid-term paper thats all. Read today's newspaper on the accident involving a lorry and few motorcycles, hmmm... who to be blamed? the lorry driver? the motorcyclists? the highway developer? The first is to be blamed for his reckless driving. The second... I doubt but the third has to be blamed too for their failure to build proper shelter for the motorcyclists under fly-overs. You know the ones they have along PLUS, with proper parking spaces behind the railing. About a meter from the road.

We are so worried on the mounting number of accidents, we try to find solutions- all policemen can give out summons, an officer on every bus journey, no journey after 9.00 pm, various campaigns bla bla bla.. the list goes on and on..... but have we ever think to upgrade the safety level of our road, our highway, our vehicles?

Look at our roads, how many are sufficiently lighted? how many are actually free from potholes? how many actually have enough space of 'bahu jalan' in case terbabas ke, emergency stops ke? Sometimes, these things are the causes of accidents... yup, the drivers have to be alert of the road's conditions.. but these things can be avoided in the first place right?

Our vehicles, our national vehicles... no offence to fellow owners. The manufacturers keep upgrading the body kit, the look, the image, biar nampak sporty katanya, biar menarik pengguna muda katanya... why can't they take a step forward to upgrade the safety side as well... a stronger chasis, airbag, ABS brake system, to name few aspects. Yes, the price will be higher but it will be a worthwile investment. At least kalau accident tu tak de lah teruk sangat. Ni... kena butang seluar jeans pun boleh kemek... hmmmmm....

The drivers, what to do? what should we do to teach them to 'bersopan santun di jalan raya'. Takkan nak letak polis sepanjang jalan. Stern action? already being done. Stringen penalty? already being done. The problem is their attitude... how to change someone's attitude? I don't know.


-Thought of taking a leave on 2nd January since 3rd January is the 1st Saturday. Nak balik kampung.

- Spent an amount of money the other day.... money flows like water these days... do I have any other choice? naaaaaaaaah

- Appointment with gynae on Monday, 34 weeks, 6 in counting... it is fast approaching.... mixed feeling at the moment :)

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