Monday, December 15, 2003

Very wet weekend... spent it at home taking care of abang, he had high fever. Hmm.. and took care of my brother in law too... a tendon at the back of his leg (ankle area) was partially cut, main lari2 lepas makan roti canai, terpijak gelas, praaakkkkk... gelas pecah, tendon putus. Admitted to to the hospital on Tuesday actually, discharged on Thursday.... dahlah kena jahit, kena simen sampai peha lagik... well.. 10 years old active boy... what do you expect, sitting properly, watching tv with the rest of the family? you wish.... eheh

My mother in law, was quite shaky when she looked at her son's conditionafter the treatment, yerlah.. she thought the injury was soooo serious sampai kena simen.. explained to her, that it was just a precaution step, avoiding him from moving too much... she seemed satisfied with my answer. But the incident is a blessing in disguise I supposed. It doesn't leave him with any option than lepak kat atas rumah. Kalau tak, mesti tak dapat dikesan sebab main banjir.

Went to clinic the other day for further check-up, alhamdulillah everything is fine. Another 1 and a half month to go... God.. how nervous I am. I'll just pray for the best :)

Workwise, quite relaxing since the workload is just 9 hours per week.. Have to buat kelas tambahan for the next two weeks, just in case I couldn't finish the target syllabus before raya haji. Kesian pulak lecturer ganti nanti.

Got Majlis Jamuan Aidilfitri and Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang tomorrow afternoon. What? No.... it's not me.. as long as naik gaji.. oklah I supposed eheh.. not so much of an ambitious worker am I? What to wear eh? cam lah ada baju raya pun this year :P, I'll just bring my empty stomach then.

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