Friday, December 12, 2003

Back to work after 3 days of bed rest. Felt the pain since Monday, but I ignored it, can't stand it Tuesday morning, went to clinic.... did some tests and the doc said I experienced premature contractions.. which, in certain cases can lead to premature birth. Ya Allah.. I was so shocked. The causes were, stress, overwork and extensive travelling... kes tak reti duduk diam ler nih. So I was given specific instruction to stay in bed for 3 days, with some medication I hated... yuck... The baby was okay though, alhamdulillah. I'm going to the clinic again this afternoon for further check-up... cross my fingers for things to be just fine.

Banjir! banjir! 3 days of non stop raining caused flood.... area rumah aku pun banjir juga. Since I was in my hibernation period, tak dapat saksikan ler air naik (baca: main air) Tak tinggi pun, sampai paras betis jer. Already subsided this morning, Alhamdulillah.

Geng Jurnal's gathering next month, really wanted to join the fun with you guys, but due to my condition, it'll be my 37th week.... kenalah lupakan hasrat suci murni tuh. Takper, there'll be some other time.

Off for some documentation work *whosssshhhh*

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