Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Wanna puke it all out!!

Everything was fine, everything was ok, everything was in order until one particular person came and made some comments, bragged *a full 1 hour or so* about how lovely her house is, how she managed to ukur tanah around Kuantan searching for cushions to match her like-I-can't-afford-one sofa.. duhhh!!! like everything must be told lah. I, being a nice hostess, tadah my ear, smiled once in a while *feeling of giving her a tight slap* for ruin my peaceful weekend. Oh!!!! being a pain in the a** she was, she gave out lots and lots of comments, negative ones mind you about my little heaven which is still under renovations, yeah... ok... ok.... I can still listen, I guess that was not enough for her, she started to give me lots and lots of suggestions on how to decorate my little heaven, suggestions if followed can definitely make hole in my pocket.*bragging still on* erkkk.... her husband came, she left after testing my not-so-delicious kek batik. Phewwwww..... I rather be with 10 todlers than with her.

Abang just looked at the entire scene smiling... I had to do all the listening. But it's ok, those were all her opinion, people's opinions are always right, it's up to us to accept them or not. Masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri ler. I just think of the entire scene (s) as one of weekend's free entertainment eheh..

ok... it's all out of system now.. I can breath easily *humming*

Juara Lagu 18

I admit, I enjoyed watching the show. Both presenters were superb minus the double meaning jokes they cracked once in a while. The winners, they deserved the winning. Personally, I like Adibah Noor's version of Wassini eheh.. no offence to Waheeda's fans. Noraniza Idris, as usual.... her formula worked against her again. Siti's creativity helped her won the best performance I guess, hip-hop style plus tap dance, she did good. All in all I gave 3 out of 5 stars to AJL 18. Anyone knows the criteria to choose best vocal?

New Year's Resolution

Still thinking of one eheheh.... did I achieve any one of the resolutions I made for this year? Maybe 1 or 2.... alhamdulillah. Still have another day to come out with one for 2004.

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