Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy New Year

2nd day of January 2004, new year, the same old me I guess eheh... this year marks a new beginning for me, I'll venture into a new realm of life called motherhood, wish me luck friends. I really... still... couldn't grasp the idea in full yet, but in process of understanding and eventually lead the life...

Yesterday... was supposed to attend a friend's wedding but I didn't go. Abang had to polish 3 cars, one after another.... a regular customer of his, takkan nak say no kan... so I was stuck at home doing nothing, lepaking at the new deck abang built behind the workshop *woohooo sounds grand is it not - the word deck* No lah... is just a 15x10 feet pelantar with built-in chairs, all made of bamboo... nice spot to lepak amik angin petang di tepi Sungai Kuantan.

Father in law bought a brand new pajero after selling his old pajero, cool.... nice plate number too.

"Wah.. boleh Lin pinjam bawak balik Klang, senang angkut rambutan dari dusun ayah"
"buleeehh.... bawak maghi pise bebanyok pulok daghi Kele" (balik sini bawak pisang banyak-banyak pulak dari Klang)
"no problem... ayah sponsor minyak ek"
"minyok..... buleh... buleh blah....hahahahahaha" *gelak seminit dua*

I can say, I rarely talk with my father, but it is different with my father in law, we can talk, even make fool of each other at times... go out for drinks once in a while, follow him to project sites.... a whole new experience for me...

Workwise - students are attending orientation week programme starting today, after Jumaat prayer . So classes are cancelled... relaxing Friday afternoon for me. Stll preparing the midterm paper, due this Monday... hope to finish it by tomorrow... malasnyerrrrr. Marks for assignments, presentations, quizzes have to be recorded before 31st January.... so many things to do in so little time huh... oh yes.. and the subject files have to be updated, senang lecturer baru nak refer.

Love in our heart
Warmth in our soul
Contentment in our life
Peace in our home
May God bless us with these....
Priceless treasures...
throughout the year....

to all Angah's online readers out there.... luv, Angah & hubby

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