Thursday, January 08, 2004

Mundane Thursday to begin with, 4 hour non-stop class plus 3 hours this afternoon. Can't even stand up straight after the fourth period just now. So I resumed my class sitting on not so comfortable chair, hoping to to control the class, but yeah.... quite hard to control the class in sitting position. I cancelled all classes this afternoon, can't take the pressure on my pelvic anymore, so sakitlah I tell you, especially when I walk and speak at the top of my lung *I'm not screaming*

Went for a scan last night coz I experience a kind of pressure on my lower abdomen. The result, scary one, the baby has positioned himself/herself for delivery purpose, he/she has engaged in between the pelvic floor.. so the doc said, I might be delivering the baby before the due date. The best thing to do is to elavate my feet as much as I can when resting, in a way of telling him/her it's not time yet. But it's my 36th week.. the baby is mature enough to be born. I just hope for the best, Insyaallah. Called mum just to inform her, being a midwife she is, it's not suprising, gave me some advises, thanks mum.

On a lighter note, good luck Dato' Najib... as the second man of Malaysia. I'm starting to believe the RAHMAN theory (list of Malaysia's previous, current and to-be prime minister) Rahman, Abdul Razak, Hussein, Mahathir, Abdullah, Najib... possible is it not? hmmmm...

We had a makan-makan yesterday, welcoming our new Executive Director Want to see his management policy(s). The new one today ahah! punch card merah lebih 3 kali sebulan kena ngadap dia ler plak.... ikut jerlah.... kita mentimun ye tak?

Off for lunch.....

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