Tuesday, February 28, 2006

up up all the way!

30 cents! 30 cents! 30 cents! 30 cents! 30 cents! per litre... per tank? per week? per month? bigger hole in my pocket.

Others will follow suit.. sayur another 10 cents, kuih another 5 cents, everything!bigger hole in my pocket

After this.. toll! Klang-Kuantan-Klang journey...bigger hole in my pocket!

Who to mend the hole?

I'll resort to bicycle then..... "BERBASIKAL UNTUK KESIHATAN ANDA POKET"


Can you see any resemblance between my teruna and me? A Lot of perople say my teruna takes after his ayah.

I'm going off to JB this afternoon for a course. Thus Angah's blog will be in hiatus for a while.. unless of course I could find any PC, nooo I could find free time to update..kenapalah aku tak isi minyak awal2 huhuhuhuhu..bigger hole in my pocket!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Photo Blog?

Today's entry is all about photos (Angah is being attacked by virus MALAS ). Anyway, the kenduri went well. Thank you for coming. Ana, I received your sms. Take good care of your angels, and angels' abah too. We had Laksa Penang, Pulut Kuning, murtabak, sata, fruit, caramel and air sirap.

Birthday present from Mak Teh.

My teruna decided to change his interest. Last time was ball and more balls. Thus time around he's hooked with bicycle. He has 3 bicycles. The latest one is the above. So all of us....ayah, ibu and teruna can form a club ehehehe

Teruna's first bicycle - RM 29

Ibu's - RM 10,000

Ayah's - RM 20,000

Ok.. The pricing might be pricey, but that is market worth, not the price when we bought them, except my teruna's one hahahaha. We first bought the frame (cost the most), then the fork, bla..bla..bla..

Today is Abang's birthday. He's 32. I got him something... for me to know and for you to find out ehehe.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Collective Items

When looking at beanny toy on my computer, a red bear (belongs to my teruna) I started to think of my collection of things I like. Let me list it down... if my memory serves me correctly that is

1. Stamps. Well it was a craze back then, when I was in primary school. Syhhhh.. I did steal a few stamps.. cabut dari surat kat kedai hahahaha. I bought them too. I lost interest few months after that

2. Bus tickets. Collected them during my secondary years. I have a lot, I mean A LOT! Up to a point, an idea struck. I pasted them on a mahjong paper and sold them as wrapping paper. Usually my friends bought them to wrap books. Now... where got tickets one (yang tebuk2 tuh)

3. Bunga telur. When it's time for me to prepare mine, I went to almost every wedding my mum attended! got the bunga telur and keep them as reference. I even dismantled them and re-arranged them back to come out with my design. I made my own bunga telur, all 1500 of them for my wedding. I still keep some of it, deco kat rumah.

4. My birthday pictures. just a routine of mine. I'll take a picture on my birthday just to see if any wrinkle decides to appear. It's amazing to see the same face in different sizes, texture and expression.

5. Shoes. Sometimes I bought them for no reason hmm.. usually ended on someone else's feet. I stopped this craze few years back. Alhamdulillah. BUT hubby just got me a pair of Eastland loafers. He bought it, not me.. tak kira ler hahahah

6. Brooch. I collect them untul now. My favourite is Avon's. They last long. Up till now I have more than 50 pieces (big and small) and another 40 - 50 (paired items). Of course, my mother and sisters use them too. Nasib anak aku jantan.

7. Hotel's soap and shampoo. Tell me who doesn't? I work with Le Tour De Langkawi, thus the craze began. 2 weeks in and out of hotels, my bag is full of those small bottles. Kalau hotel besar siap sewing kit lagik. Still keep them for emergency use or travelling purposes.

8. Towels. I just love them. I have a cupboard full of towels (various sizes). Abang sure pening kepala when we step into Giant, Tesco....

9. Bedsheets and comforters. Still collecting, once there was a sale in Kuantan. Windsor's sheet and comforter at 80% discount. Only RM 185 a set (queen size). I bought 5 sets! more that 350 thread counts tuh... good bargain. Akemi is ok.. but my craze of course AUSSINO. My hubby will surely geleng kepala when we reach the shop hahahaha, last November if I'm not mistaken, I bought another set. But all buyings are done during sale. Kalo hari biasa bengkok makcik!

There are some other things I collect but not worth mentioning ler... so what do you collect for the fun of it, for the later use etc?

As promised. map to my house in Klang. Gimme a call kalau dah makan langsat (sesat) agak2 2 kilo tengah jalan ek. 013-2680495 / 03-32503476

Thursday, February 23, 2006

of tv programmes and movies

Some tv programmes that I watch :

1. Buletin Utama
2. Third Watch
3. Charmed
4. A cooking programme on 8tv, Oliver Twist if I'm not mistaken
5. National Geography
6. Discovery Channel
7. CSI
8. Cerekarama Slot

Some tv programmes that I watch recently :

1. Natasya
2. Mya Zara

Some movies that I watch (over again!)

1. Forest Gump - run forest ruuuuuuunnnnn
2. Lord of the Rings - especially The Two Towers
3. Notting Hill - so sweet
4. The Man in the Iron Mask - Jeremy Irons I love you!
5. Copycat - freaky
6. Any movie with Jeremy Irons in it
7. Any movies with Tom Hanks in it
8. Any movies with John Malkovich in it

Not that I'm against Malay programme, it's just that the quality of some is questionable. I watch Natasya because I really hate her cousin (I dont remember the character's name, played by Fiza). Guess she acted well lah kan. Then I watch Mya Zara for no reasons, wait.... there is a reason. I watch it while waiting for Third Watch to be aired. But I follow the series lah pulak sekarang. Last night's episode reveal a VERY BIG mistake, small for others I guess. There was a scene when Azlan entered his house after visiting Tasneem. He took off his tie and headed to his room. Now.. Elvy was there waiting in the room, he was suprised to see her. But I was more suprised to see Elvy taking off Azlan's tie! Errkkkk bukan tadi dia dah bukak ke?

I love watching police stories. Did I tell I applied for ASP cadet? Yes I applied but they don't want me to be part of the team.. bah! Tak cukup inci kot.... Anyway, I watched a chinese series way back in 1989. Tajuk pun Police Cadet 89. Pergh... berkobar2. Then I watch an english series (can't remember the title) of 2 policemen doing this and that. Another series I follow was '21 Jump Street" the one with Johnny Depp and Dustin Ngu Yen. Local programmes, naahh... I tried to watch Gerak Khas but it fail to attract my attention, lot of dialogues , lack of actions. On movies, I watch Lethal Weapon. My favourite is the sequel, with JEREMY IRONS woohoo... I'm so into him *drooling*

I must admit I'm a movie freak! Luckily my soul partner is feakier than me. We'll watch movie every week, as long as there is a new one in the cinema. Lord of the Rings trilogy... for 3 years I managed to secure the first day ticket. Mujurnya ada member kat GSC tuh ehehe. 'Fellowship of the Ring' - someone's fiance, 'The Two Towers' - someone's wife, 'Return of the king' - someone's mother (teruna was 7 months inside me!). I'm still searching for movie titled 'Madam Butterfly'. Mana nak dapat? After my teruna is born, our routine was changed. Instead of going to the cinema, we indulged ourselves in DVD. Oklah though I miss the big screen. Whenlah to buy projector? yeah... more wishful thinking Angah.

Now I also watch Barney (that purple dinasour) hahahaha. My teruna will practically drag me to watch it with him. "ibu nak enyok ani" (ibu nak tengok barney). Tried few times to escape the torment of watching it but to no avail. "ibu.. best nyok ani" (ibu best tengok barney). He's not interested to watch Power Rangers, Ultraman, that sort of programme I wonder why since his cousin is a no.1 fan. Gamaknya depa tak pandai menari cam Barney kot hehehe

So guys what do you watch?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


These are among the courses I will attend up to April.

1. Basic Safety Seminar for Kumpulan Pengurusan Profesional 28th February - 3rd March, M Suite Hotel, JB

2. J*M Induction Course 3rd - 8th April, Puteri Resort, Ayer Keroh Melaka

3. Photography Course 4th-7th April, Pulau Langkawi (have to forgo due to no 2)

4. Better Spoken English 24th-28th April, Intengah PJ

I'm not complaining.

Compared to the 6 month course I attended last year, these courses are nothing!


My foster mother during Penempatan Daerah module past away peacefully on 13th February 2006 following a stroke. She left behind her husband and 6 children. I received a call from one of her children informing me the news. though time we spent together was a mere 10 days but her hospitality, her generosity in accepting me as part of her family during my stay at her house is an experience I'll never forget. InsyaAllah I'll be going to Kampung Kubang Halban, Mukim Kota Lama Kiri, Kuala Kangsar for kenduri 40 hari.

I'm extending an invitation to our house in Klang for a tahlil (my late father and sister) and a doa selamat (my son and husband's birthday, little Alya too) I'll post the map later. Ana ingat lagi tak jalan? The majlis will be held on Saturday 25th February 2006 after maghrib.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Finally! J*M's induction course will be held from 3rd to 8th April 2006 at Puteri Resort, Ayer Keroh Melaka. But I have to forgo Photography course in Langkawi..... darn!

Had a chat with a friend from a former company I worked. It's like everybody is pregnant with either their second or third child. So jeaaalllooouuusss! My time will come, InsyaAllah.

Mum called, teruna's formula and diapers ran out of stock. Mental note to Angah, go to 99 speedmart and buy 6 tins of 900g pediasure (they only have a 450g and 900g) and 2 packs of L size diapers. That will cost me RM 372 roughly. Ohhh headache... headache..

On diapers. My teruna use Pampers comfort and it's so strange to think that the same diapers is sold at :

RM 33.90 - Econsave
RM 31.90 - 99 speedmart and Mydin
RM 37.00 - Giant
RM 41.00 - carrefour

all price ni last time I check lah. If all these hypermarket make profit out of its sale, how much is the production cost? Mesti giler murah kan.

On my way to Kapar, I saw a small shop selling diapers (direct from factory) as it claims. Very cheap! A pack of 50 is priced RM 10. I never buy them but if any of you mothers out there want to try, let me know, I'll be more than happy to get them. But the owner told me this "pampers ni semua elok, boleh pakai, kilang reject sebab kadang2 potongan tepi2 tu tak betul sikit, tapi ok je. Tak pernah lagi ada yang komplen. Cuma kadang2 gam tepi tu tak melekat sangat, kena tampal seloteplah" And she showed me salloping tapes she sells ehehe..

Took a half day off. Can't wait to see my teruna. Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ibu rindu... Lin rindu..

4 days being away from my teruna. I miss him badly. I could not talk to him on the phone, tried once and he cried. Mum said it took her nearly an hour to calm him. My teruna then started searching for me, in the room, in the kitchen, even in the toilet. Thus I have to strain myself from wanting to talk to him. Called mum again last night. It seems that my teruna is getting used to my absence. It's been 4 days now that I started pumping milk again. I pump twice a day, manage to get around 10oz. Oklah since my teruna is already 2 years old and he only nurse at night. I just pump to maintain supply so that I can nurse him during weekends. Mum said my teruna is refusing EBM. He just want his bottle filled with formula or ilap (air sirap). Sign of protest? hmmm. Sayangnyalah my 10oz gold liquid.

Plan to go back to Kuantan this week is cancelled. Abang has to attend an AGM on Sunday. He'll be away on Saturday too, for Dualthlon thingy he's handling. So this week will be spent with my teruna attending weddings. One in Klang, my second cousin Eja, another in Shah Alam, a fellow p*d Syiqah. Congratulations to both. Wait for Ibu ok... I'll be home tomorrow. The next 2 days are for you and you only. Ibu don't care if Ibu have to do all the chores in the middle of the night. As long as you are happy dear.

Valentines day. Never celebrate it. Did I mention abang suprised me with his presence in Klang last week?Another suprise waited me the morning after. He bought me a ring. A simple ring with 2 gems attached. The card says "for 2 years of being a mother to our son, thank you for giving me him" I was speechless and flattered at the same time. Thank You abang. I may not be the best mother in the world but I'll try to be the best mother to our son, InsyaAllah.

There are ups and downs in our 4 years of marriage. Sometimes we argue, masam muka, merajuk on various reasons big or small. Sometimes I do feel shackled by this tie (of course after those arguments) But this is my marriage, I have good times, memorable moments that we share together which are enough to wash away bad feelings I had. This 'shackle' has bestowed me the best gift I could ask, MY SON. Thus I'll treasure every moments be it bitter or sweet along our journey as husband and wife, as father and mother, as partners. Ya Allah, kekalkanlah mawaddah dan rahmah antara kami kesyurgaMu. How I miss him right now.

Bila lah aku nak di transferkan ke state?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


On duty at Bilik Gerakan Banjir Pusat until 6pm. So cold!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Breastfeeding Mama

Just a continuation on breastfeeding by Ibuvouge.Alhamdulillah I managed to exclusively bf my teruna the full 1 1/2 year and started mixing both formula and breast milk(BM) then on because I was stuck with DPA the whole 6 months. With all the outdoor activities involving this and that I couldn't supply him with enough EBM (time constrain and storage issue)

Like IV, I planned early on to exclusively breastfeed my teruna on the basis of: this is the best gift I could possibly offer him the whole of his life. This is the best food I could offer him, for his early growth and development, though it means a lot of hassle to express, handle and feed him the milk. I wanna share my experience, and my routine, hope it of help to others..

Expressing breast milk
I use Medela breast pump. A manual one cost about RM50++. I express milk just like IV does. Usually three times during office hours, and in between feeding at home to maintain supply. The catch is : the more we pump the more milk is produced.Alhamdulillah like IV, I managed to pump around 17 - 20oz in the office to be sent to Mak Tok's house (my teruna's pengasuh) and another 8-10oz in between feeding at home for stock.
Mental state is very important. Think of happy thoughts, think of our babies. It helps the flow. Recite doa' some short surah as a prayer to our babies.

Storing EBM
At first I bought bottles, but my fish and chicken has no place to stay hahahaha. Thus I bought plastic bag made specially for human milk. Sold at leading pharmacies. The plastic bag acts just like daun keladi, milk's precious fat will not stick to it once it's thawed. Label the container (date and time of expressing) and implement FIFO method.

Nursing v/s bottle
I started introducing my teruna to bottle when he was a month old. I tried various teats but to no avail. At last he accept pigeon. I use Y cut pigeon teat when he was 6 months. Thus began the routine. Bottlefed during daytime and direct nursing evening onwards even during weekend, or else he'll refuse to take EBM from bottle Monday onwards. I nurse him on long holidays but I make sure to re-train him to take bottle 2 - 3 days before returning to work. Very cerewetlah my boy.

Supplementary food for breastfeeding mothers
I tried almost everything that is said to help increasing milk supply. Sup lobak putih, sup halba (Ana's recipe), sawi, name it and I'll try. They help ofcourse. I drink gatorade (sport drink). Got this from ummiku-sayang. It help too. It's important to take plenty of fluid and nutritious food. I take soy product (tau foo fah, tempe, soy milk)

Some of my friend asked, how to exclusively breastfeed when we have to be away. I'd say it can be done. I was away from my teruna when he was 6 months old for PTD assessment (3 days).The same thing apply, express, store,use. I transport the milk using coleman chillbox (the one kaki mancing guna tu) with icepacks, some call it blue ice (from pharmacies). Medela chill box tak muat eheh.

When I was posted to Putrajaya, my teruna was with my mum in Klang.He was 10 months ols. I did the same. Express, label, store and transport it to Klang twice a week. I nurse him then and during weekend to stimulate milk production. Baby's suction movement is important stimuli.I lived this routine for 3 months before being posted back to Pahang. Alhamdulillah I can express about 25-30oz perday (6-7times). Sometimes I laugh myselff off (rasa cam lembu plak eheheh). Looks a lot but that amount of milk is just enough for my teruna for a day. My mum said it's enough because he's already on solid food. Alhamdulillah my penyusuan friend is always with me when I feel down at times, when I feel like giving up at times, when I feel lonely at times. Thanx Ana :)

Examples of breastpumps.
More information on breastpump and breast pumping visit breastfeed essentials Below are some models by medela. I use the 1st one and then I bought a set (4th pic). Costly but worth the money I spent. Still in a good condition waiting to be used again.

Quality electric pump for single pumping Also operable with 2 AA batteries (not included) Adjustable vacuum levels from minimum to maximum for ultimate comfort Autocycling feature that closely mimics baby's suckling ; no buttons to push; no holes to cover Allows for expression of milk in about 10-20 minutes PER BREAST.

Manual pump for single pumping Advanced pump design with ergonomic swivel handle, fewer pieces to assemble and clean, and a massaging SoftFit breastshield Designed with "Natural Expression" to allow faster letdown and easier milk flow. Allows you to easily change from "letdown mode" to "expression mode" and back again. Compatible with most standard baby bottles For occasional use and for moms who nurse their babies most of the time.

Quality, electric pump for single or alternating double pumping Includes accessory kit containing the following: 2 standard breastshields with valve/membranes, 2 extra membranes, 2 collection bottles with lids, and 2 pieces of tubing for pump connection Includes AC/DC adaptor/transformer for electrical operation Can also be powered with 2 C batteries (not included) Adjustable vacuum levels from minimum to maximum for ultimate comfort Convenient table-top operation with built-in bottle stands Autocycling feature that closely mimics baby's suckling; no buttons to push; no holes to cover Provides more stimulation than single pumping but not as much as simultaneous double pumping; expresses milk slightly faster than single pumping but not as fast as simultaneous double pumping.

Professional grade electric pump for single pumping or simultaneously double pumping.The only retail breastpump proven to stimulate and maintain milk supply over frequent or extended use
Professional-grade electric pump for single pumping or simultaneous double pumping
Includes accessory kit containing the following: 2 breastshields with valve/membrane assemblies, 2 breastshield connectors in case one of the Medela larger (PersonalFit) or silicone (SoftFit) breastshields is desired later on, 2 extra membranes, 4 collection bottles, 2 bottle stands, and 2 pieces of tubing for pump connection
Includes AC/DC adaptor/transformer for electrical operation
Includes battery pack that operates with 8 AA batteries (not included)
Also operable with a vehicle lighter adapter (optional gift or purchase)
Includes removable cooler/carrier with blue ice for storing/toting breastmilk when away from home
Adjustable vacuum levels from minimum to maximum for ultimate comfort
Autocycling feature that closely mimics baby's suckling at an adjustablecycle rate of 48-64 times a minute
Quiet, discreet operation with built-in motor unit which can also be removed
Pump includes stylish black microfiber bag with separate inner compartment for pump accessories
Front of pump bag folds down providing a stable clean surface when pumping.

Hope this information will help mothers and mothers to be who are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed their baby. Cheers

Monday, February 13, 2006


Al-Fatihah. Our deepest condolences to Elin and her family on the demise of her beloved mother following a car accident at Bentong. May she be placed among those soleh and solehah. Amin.. Her father is still recovering. We pray for you and your family to be patient, to be strong InsyaAllah *hugs*

Last week, I moved in to a new house in Pinggiran Putra. 2 months braving the traffic from Klang to Putrajaya is enough. Had a hajat prayer and Yassin recital on Thursday night. Mum cooked for us. Brought Mum and teruna along. Now it only takes me 10 minutes to reach office but it'll take me 5 days to see my son. How I miss him already. I feel bad actually, of having to leave him with mum in Klang. But this is the sacrifice I have to make for his future, non others. I feel guilty, of having to rip off my teruna's right to have his mother by his side, bathing him...feeding him...cuddling him...comforting him... OR is he the one I'm sacrifying for my so to say career? Hmmmmm.... talked to abang, just like me he has no answer.

Weekend was spent at home doing nothing except entertaining my teruna. Beraja ler anak aku 2 hari tuh. Abang made a suprise visit on Saturday night. Nice suprise. Angah's family is complete for a day.


Angah during Army training - 71kg

Angah during Fire & Rescue Department Training - 65kg

Angah at Police Training - 60kg

Angah during Police Training (dinner) - 60kg

Angah had sussessfully lost 11 kg in 4 months time. Angah is on her mission to lose another 5 kg in the coming months. Angah's mission is to lose at least 2 kg per month. Let just hope Angah will succeed.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

the then...the now

How time flies, I remember holding him close, my little bundle of joy right after birth, his tiny hands and feet, his sepet eyes, his cute little nose, his 'terpacak' hair... Now my little bundle of joy has transformed into bundle of energy... only hugs and kisses when asked, but that one chirping bird of mine.. talks all the time..

Ibu is ever gratefull, ever thankfull to Allah to be chosen as your mother. Ibu is so proud of you. It's ibu wish to see you grow up as a fine and responsible person towards everything placed on your shoulder. Amin.

1 day old

2 months old

4 months old

8 months old

1 year old

2 years old

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Post Holiday

In the office after a longg holiday spent with my two babies back in Kuantan. Well, nothing out of the ordinary, all routine but the best part is being with abang and teruna 24-7.

Morning - wake up late, breakfast, entertain teruna
Noon - cook, lunch, entertain teruna before his nap
Evening - watch tv, tea, entertain teruna-playground
Night - cook, dinner, entertain teruna before his bed time, entertain abang?

*repeat 7 times*

I feel blessed for being able to perform my duty as a fulltime wife and mother though for a week.

Today : 8 Muharram 1427H, Muhammad Mifdzal Arief bin Mazlan turns 2. We love you.