Friday, February 24, 2006

Collective Items

When looking at beanny toy on my computer, a red bear (belongs to my teruna) I started to think of my collection of things I like. Let me list it down... if my memory serves me correctly that is

1. Stamps. Well it was a craze back then, when I was in primary school. Syhhhh.. I did steal a few stamps.. cabut dari surat kat kedai hahahaha. I bought them too. I lost interest few months after that

2. Bus tickets. Collected them during my secondary years. I have a lot, I mean A LOT! Up to a point, an idea struck. I pasted them on a mahjong paper and sold them as wrapping paper. Usually my friends bought them to wrap books. Now... where got tickets one (yang tebuk2 tuh)

3. Bunga telur. When it's time for me to prepare mine, I went to almost every wedding my mum attended! got the bunga telur and keep them as reference. I even dismantled them and re-arranged them back to come out with my design. I made my own bunga telur, all 1500 of them for my wedding. I still keep some of it, deco kat rumah.

4. My birthday pictures. just a routine of mine. I'll take a picture on my birthday just to see if any wrinkle decides to appear. It's amazing to see the same face in different sizes, texture and expression.

5. Shoes. Sometimes I bought them for no reason hmm.. usually ended on someone else's feet. I stopped this craze few years back. Alhamdulillah. BUT hubby just got me a pair of Eastland loafers. He bought it, not me.. tak kira ler hahahah

6. Brooch. I collect them untul now. My favourite is Avon's. They last long. Up till now I have more than 50 pieces (big and small) and another 40 - 50 (paired items). Of course, my mother and sisters use them too. Nasib anak aku jantan.

7. Hotel's soap and shampoo. Tell me who doesn't? I work with Le Tour De Langkawi, thus the craze began. 2 weeks in and out of hotels, my bag is full of those small bottles. Kalau hotel besar siap sewing kit lagik. Still keep them for emergency use or travelling purposes.

8. Towels. I just love them. I have a cupboard full of towels (various sizes). Abang sure pening kepala when we step into Giant, Tesco....

9. Bedsheets and comforters. Still collecting, once there was a sale in Kuantan. Windsor's sheet and comforter at 80% discount. Only RM 185 a set (queen size). I bought 5 sets! more that 350 thread counts tuh... good bargain. Akemi is ok.. but my craze of course AUSSINO. My hubby will surely geleng kepala when we reach the shop hahahaha, last November if I'm not mistaken, I bought another set. But all buyings are done during sale. Kalo hari biasa bengkok makcik!

There are some other things I collect but not worth mentioning ler... so what do you collect for the fun of it, for the later use etc?

As promised. map to my house in Klang. Gimme a call kalau dah makan langsat (sesat) agak2 2 kilo tengah jalan ek. 013-2680495 / 03-32503476