Tuesday, February 28, 2006

up up all the way!

30 cents! 30 cents! 30 cents! 30 cents! 30 cents! per litre... per tank? per week? per month? bigger hole in my pocket.

Others will follow suit.. sayur another 10 cents, kuih another 5 cents, everything!bigger hole in my pocket

After this.. toll! Klang-Kuantan-Klang journey...bigger hole in my pocket!

Who to mend the hole?

I'll resort to bicycle then..... "BERBASIKAL UNTUK KESIHATAN ANDA POKET"


Can you see any resemblance between my teruna and me? A Lot of perople say my teruna takes after his ayah.

I'm going off to JB this afternoon for a course. Thus Angah's blog will be in hiatus for a while.. unless of course I could find any PC, nooo I could find free time to update..kenapalah aku tak isi minyak awal2 huhuhuhuhu..bigger hole in my pocket!!!!

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