Friday, February 17, 2006


Finally! J*M's induction course will be held from 3rd to 8th April 2006 at Puteri Resort, Ayer Keroh Melaka. But I have to forgo Photography course in Langkawi..... darn!

Had a chat with a friend from a former company I worked. It's like everybody is pregnant with either their second or third child. So jeaaalllooouuusss! My time will come, InsyaAllah.

Mum called, teruna's formula and diapers ran out of stock. Mental note to Angah, go to 99 speedmart and buy 6 tins of 900g pediasure (they only have a 450g and 900g) and 2 packs of L size diapers. That will cost me RM 372 roughly. Ohhh headache... headache..

On diapers. My teruna use Pampers comfort and it's so strange to think that the same diapers is sold at :

RM 33.90 - Econsave
RM 31.90 - 99 speedmart and Mydin
RM 37.00 - Giant
RM 41.00 - carrefour

all price ni last time I check lah. If all these hypermarket make profit out of its sale, how much is the production cost? Mesti giler murah kan.

On my way to Kapar, I saw a small shop selling diapers (direct from factory) as it claims. Very cheap! A pack of 50 is priced RM 10. I never buy them but if any of you mothers out there want to try, let me know, I'll be more than happy to get them. But the owner told me this "pampers ni semua elok, boleh pakai, kilang reject sebab kadang2 potongan tepi2 tu tak betul sikit, tapi ok je. Tak pernah lagi ada yang komplen. Cuma kadang2 gam tepi tu tak melekat sangat, kena tampal seloteplah" And she showed me salloping tapes she sells ehehe..

Took a half day off. Can't wait to see my teruna. Have a good weekend everyone!

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