Thursday, February 23, 2006

of tv programmes and movies

Some tv programmes that I watch :

1. Buletin Utama
2. Third Watch
3. Charmed
4. A cooking programme on 8tv, Oliver Twist if I'm not mistaken
5. National Geography
6. Discovery Channel
7. CSI
8. Cerekarama Slot

Some tv programmes that I watch recently :

1. Natasya
2. Mya Zara

Some movies that I watch (over again!)

1. Forest Gump - run forest ruuuuuuunnnnn
2. Lord of the Rings - especially The Two Towers
3. Notting Hill - so sweet
4. The Man in the Iron Mask - Jeremy Irons I love you!
5. Copycat - freaky
6. Any movie with Jeremy Irons in it
7. Any movies with Tom Hanks in it
8. Any movies with John Malkovich in it

Not that I'm against Malay programme, it's just that the quality of some is questionable. I watch Natasya because I really hate her cousin (I dont remember the character's name, played by Fiza). Guess she acted well lah kan. Then I watch Mya Zara for no reasons, wait.... there is a reason. I watch it while waiting for Third Watch to be aired. But I follow the series lah pulak sekarang. Last night's episode reveal a VERY BIG mistake, small for others I guess. There was a scene when Azlan entered his house after visiting Tasneem. He took off his tie and headed to his room. Now.. Elvy was there waiting in the room, he was suprised to see her. But I was more suprised to see Elvy taking off Azlan's tie! Errkkkk bukan tadi dia dah bukak ke?

I love watching police stories. Did I tell I applied for ASP cadet? Yes I applied but they don't want me to be part of the team.. bah! Tak cukup inci kot.... Anyway, I watched a chinese series way back in 1989. Tajuk pun Police Cadet 89. Pergh... berkobar2. Then I watch an english series (can't remember the title) of 2 policemen doing this and that. Another series I follow was '21 Jump Street" the one with Johnny Depp and Dustin Ngu Yen. Local programmes, naahh... I tried to watch Gerak Khas but it fail to attract my attention, lot of dialogues , lack of actions. On movies, I watch Lethal Weapon. My favourite is the sequel, with JEREMY IRONS woohoo... I'm so into him *drooling*

I must admit I'm a movie freak! Luckily my soul partner is feakier than me. We'll watch movie every week, as long as there is a new one in the cinema. Lord of the Rings trilogy... for 3 years I managed to secure the first day ticket. Mujurnya ada member kat GSC tuh ehehe. 'Fellowship of the Ring' - someone's fiance, 'The Two Towers' - someone's wife, 'Return of the king' - someone's mother (teruna was 7 months inside me!). I'm still searching for movie titled 'Madam Butterfly'. Mana nak dapat? After my teruna is born, our routine was changed. Instead of going to the cinema, we indulged ourselves in DVD. Oklah though I miss the big screen. Whenlah to buy projector? yeah... more wishful thinking Angah.

Now I also watch Barney (that purple dinasour) hahahaha. My teruna will practically drag me to watch it with him. "ibu nak enyok ani" (ibu nak tengok barney). Tried few times to escape the torment of watching it but to no avail. "ibu.. best nyok ani" (ibu best tengok barney). He's not interested to watch Power Rangers, Ultraman, that sort of programme I wonder why since his cousin is a no.1 fan. Gamaknya depa tak pandai menari cam Barney kot hehehe

So guys what do you watch?

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