Friday, January 30, 2004

Last day of working, I'm taking an early leave.. about a week from my due date, go back to my hometown tomorrow. So Angah's online journal might be collecting dust for some times eheh... but then, I'll try to update it, it's not a promise though.

Sister's in law wedding is scheduled on 22nd February.. I wont be here to help her with the preparation and what not. Wish things will turn out oklah..

Father in law has gone back to Kubang Kerian, 2 ekor lembu akan tumbang tahun nih, alhamdulillah. I remember celebrating Raya Haji with abang's family in Kubang Kerian last year, first time for me.. I mean, I never actually celebrate Raya Haji in my hometown... no masak2, no visits snd sorts... it's just sembahyang raya.... continue with daily routine. In Kelantan, I experienced something new, whole family will gather, masak2, makan2 then jalan2, just like Aidil Fitri.

Ayah told me Che' and Mok (abang's grandparents) want to see me... in 'this form' eheh... it's a big news overthere... Che' is the eldest son, do does ayah and abang... my yet to be born son is the family's fourth generation... of anak sulung lelaki kepada anak sulung lelaki.... and I'm grateful for having the chance to make the family to say. Might be going back to Kelantan in May... insyaallah.

So... Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Adha.... selamat bercuti.... Angah's online jurnal menutup tirai sementara waktu.. sampai terjumpa mana2 pc yang menganggur.. Pray for our safety, both me and my baby..... Assalammualaikum..

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Almost 2 weeks without a single entry posted here... not that I lose my interest in writing, just that, I have nothing to write about apart from everyday routine.

Spent 4 days of CNY holiday at home. Went to a friend wedding. Thought of travelling to nearest tourism destination, Cherating, but we cancelled the plan. Abang had much work to finished. He received a letter from MNCF, appointing him as a commissaire for this year Le Tour De Langkawi, last year he was Judge 2. had to decline the appointment since I'm about to 'burst' in less than 2 weeks. But I assume he'll go to the 9th stage - Genting Highland.

I admit, I miss the fun. Been in the race for 3 years and had to say googbye since last year, makes me ache to join it again. But yeah... who says you can win them all... 2001 LTDL brought us together... he was, as usual one of the judges, and I was with the cavalcade team..... met a few times.. got engaged 2 months later.... the rest are known....nice memory kan abang eheh...

Workwise, last week working. Alhamdulillah, I've finished all my work. Going back to Klang this Saturday for Raya Haji and 'tunggu hari' and the ultimate confinement period..... I shall miss my favourite food huhuhu... kena hentam semua sebelum tu hehehe...

I received a parcel the other day, from a dear friend of mine. A book entitled 'The Colors of Life' published by The International Library of Poetry It's a compilation of poems submitted to the publisher for a competition held in Washington D.C. My friend submitted a poem entitled ' My Teacher' and won The Editor Choice Award. Congratulation dear and thanx a trillion for the book. There is a story behind the poem.... it's for me to know and for the rest of you to find out... It's true then, a spontaneous flow of idea is always the best.

Has been raining since yesterday.. very wet, very cold... I had to sapu minyak angin on my calves to avoid cramp. Experienced it twice...hurt like hell... less than 2 weeks before the actual due date, the baby is becoming more and more active, braxton hicks come and go, standing too long, let alone walking is a hard task, I guess I'm ready for the day, am I?.. pray for me friends... that's all I ask for...

Friday, January 16, 2004

Was on MC for 2 days.. another minor complication. Went home from the hospital with a bag of medication... yuck.. but how to complain? Thought of taking a day off today since tomorrow pun cuti kan, but tonnes of work to finish before the leave makes me think again. Baik gi kerja buat pelan2.

Spent about 2 hours lepak kat waterfront park last night. Enjoying abang's company, well... he is a bit busy lately at his workshop. Eating not so fresh fruit I managed to grab at nearby Shell. And then..... we bumped into his sister tengah dating ngan her fiance, kantoi hahahahaha.... went home around midnight.

A friend of mine will come here next week, lama weh tak jumpa... can't wait.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Received a letter from Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara, Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia. I have to attend TOT for character building module, Program Latihan Khidmat Negara, 5 days a week for the next 3 weeks, starting 14 Jan. Love to go but I can't....hmphhhh.. rasa rugi plak. what to do, I can't have everything I want. Less than a month before due date, takkan nak pergi plak..

Exam week, no classes persay, so this week would be documentation week. Everything must be properly documented. Another 2 'breathing technique in labor' sessions to attend before going back to hometown. The class really helps when braxton hicks come and go.. especially at this stage. The first class was hilarious... boleh buat music rap eheh... just have to insert our own lyrics keh keh keh, I cant help myself from laughing....

Aku akan pindah rumah lain, salah sebuah rumah ayah mertua aku yang sebelum ni disewakannya. A nice 4 rooms bungalow facing Sungai Kuantan. Now I have a backyard yeahooo.....main reason being, the baby is coming so we need extra cash for this and that. Ayah's offer cam bulan jatuh ke riba. Aku sewakan apartment aku tu pada orang. So we don't have to worry on the apartment's monthly installment. I'm moving in in April, right after the confinement period.


Congratulations to fellow comrades on their wedding next week
1. Zatul Irkin & Azri
2. Mazlina & Hamzah

Hopefully aku boleh pi ler rumah korang ek.... selamat pengantin baru..

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Mundane Thursday to begin with, 4 hour non-stop class plus 3 hours this afternoon. Can't even stand up straight after the fourth period just now. So I resumed my class sitting on not so comfortable chair, hoping to to control the class, but yeah.... quite hard to control the class in sitting position. I cancelled all classes this afternoon, can't take the pressure on my pelvic anymore, so sakitlah I tell you, especially when I walk and speak at the top of my lung *I'm not screaming*

Went for a scan last night coz I experience a kind of pressure on my lower abdomen. The result, scary one, the baby has positioned himself/herself for delivery purpose, he/she has engaged in between the pelvic floor.. so the doc said, I might be delivering the baby before the due date. The best thing to do is to elavate my feet as much as I can when resting, in a way of telling him/her it's not time yet. But it's my 36th week.. the baby is mature enough to be born. I just hope for the best, Insyaallah. Called mum just to inform her, being a midwife she is, it's not suprising, gave me some advises, thanks mum.

On a lighter note, good luck Dato' Najib... as the second man of Malaysia. I'm starting to believe the RAHMAN theory (list of Malaysia's previous, current and to-be prime minister) Rahman, Abdul Razak, Hussein, Mahathir, Abdullah, Najib... possible is it not? hmmmm...

We had a makan-makan yesterday, welcoming our new Executive Director Want to see his management policy(s). The new one today ahah! punch card merah lebih 3 kali sebulan kena ngadap dia ler plak.... ikut jerlah.... kita mentimun ye tak?

Off for lunch.....

Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy New Year

2nd day of January 2004, new year, the same old me I guess eheh... this year marks a new beginning for me, I'll venture into a new realm of life called motherhood, wish me luck friends. I really... still... couldn't grasp the idea in full yet, but in process of understanding and eventually lead the life...

Yesterday... was supposed to attend a friend's wedding but I didn't go. Abang had to polish 3 cars, one after another.... a regular customer of his, takkan nak say no kan... so I was stuck at home doing nothing, lepaking at the new deck abang built behind the workshop *woohooo sounds grand is it not - the word deck* No lah... is just a 15x10 feet pelantar with built-in chairs, all made of bamboo... nice spot to lepak amik angin petang di tepi Sungai Kuantan.

Father in law bought a brand new pajero after selling his old pajero, cool.... nice plate number too.

"Wah.. boleh Lin pinjam bawak balik Klang, senang angkut rambutan dari dusun ayah"
"buleeehh.... bawak maghi pise bebanyok pulok daghi Kele" (balik sini bawak pisang banyak-banyak pulak dari Klang)
"no problem... ayah sponsor minyak ek"
"minyok..... buleh... buleh blah....hahahahahaha" *gelak seminit dua*

I can say, I rarely talk with my father, but it is different with my father in law, we can talk, even make fool of each other at times... go out for drinks once in a while, follow him to project sites.... a whole new experience for me...

Workwise - students are attending orientation week programme starting today, after Jumaat prayer . So classes are cancelled... relaxing Friday afternoon for me. Stll preparing the midterm paper, due this Monday... hope to finish it by tomorrow... malasnyerrrrr. Marks for assignments, presentations, quizzes have to be recorded before 31st January.... so many things to do in so little time huh... oh yes.. and the subject files have to be updated, senang lecturer baru nak refer.

Love in our heart
Warmth in our soul
Contentment in our life
Peace in our home
May God bless us with these....
Priceless treasures...
throughout the year....

to all Angah's online readers out there.... luv, Angah & hubby