Friday, January 30, 2004

Last day of working, I'm taking an early leave.. about a week from my due date, go back to my hometown tomorrow. So Angah's online journal might be collecting dust for some times eheh... but then, I'll try to update it, it's not a promise though.

Sister's in law wedding is scheduled on 22nd February.. I wont be here to help her with the preparation and what not. Wish things will turn out oklah..

Father in law has gone back to Kubang Kerian, 2 ekor lembu akan tumbang tahun nih, alhamdulillah. I remember celebrating Raya Haji with abang's family in Kubang Kerian last year, first time for me.. I mean, I never actually celebrate Raya Haji in my hometown... no masak2, no visits snd sorts... it's just sembahyang raya.... continue with daily routine. In Kelantan, I experienced something new, whole family will gather, masak2, makan2 then jalan2, just like Aidil Fitri.

Ayah told me Che' and Mok (abang's grandparents) want to see me... in 'this form' eheh... it's a big news overthere... Che' is the eldest son, do does ayah and abang... my yet to be born son is the family's fourth generation... of anak sulung lelaki kepada anak sulung lelaki.... and I'm grateful for having the chance to make the family to say. Might be going back to Kelantan in May... insyaallah.

So... Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Adha.... selamat bercuti.... Angah's online jurnal menutup tirai sementara waktu.. sampai terjumpa mana2 pc yang menganggur.. Pray for our safety, both me and my baby..... Assalammualaikum..

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