Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ibu rindu... Lin rindu..

4 days being away from my teruna. I miss him badly. I could not talk to him on the phone, tried once and he cried. Mum said it took her nearly an hour to calm him. My teruna then started searching for me, in the room, in the kitchen, even in the toilet. Thus I have to strain myself from wanting to talk to him. Called mum again last night. It seems that my teruna is getting used to my absence. It's been 4 days now that I started pumping milk again. I pump twice a day, manage to get around 10oz. Oklah since my teruna is already 2 years old and he only nurse at night. I just pump to maintain supply so that I can nurse him during weekends. Mum said my teruna is refusing EBM. He just want his bottle filled with formula or ilap (air sirap). Sign of protest? hmmm. Sayangnyalah my 10oz gold liquid.

Plan to go back to Kuantan this week is cancelled. Abang has to attend an AGM on Sunday. He'll be away on Saturday too, for Dualthlon thingy he's handling. So this week will be spent with my teruna attending weddings. One in Klang, my second cousin Eja, another in Shah Alam, a fellow p*d Syiqah. Congratulations to both. Wait for Ibu ok... I'll be home tomorrow. The next 2 days are for you and you only. Ibu don't care if Ibu have to do all the chores in the middle of the night. As long as you are happy dear.

Valentines day. Never celebrate it. Did I mention abang suprised me with his presence in Klang last week?Another suprise waited me the morning after. He bought me a ring. A simple ring with 2 gems attached. The card says "for 2 years of being a mother to our son, thank you for giving me him" I was speechless and flattered at the same time. Thank You abang. I may not be the best mother in the world but I'll try to be the best mother to our son, InsyaAllah.

There are ups and downs in our 4 years of marriage. Sometimes we argue, masam muka, merajuk on various reasons big or small. Sometimes I do feel shackled by this tie (of course after those arguments) But this is my marriage, I have good times, memorable moments that we share together which are enough to wash away bad feelings I had. This 'shackle' has bestowed me the best gift I could ask, MY SON. Thus I'll treasure every moments be it bitter or sweet along our journey as husband and wife, as father and mother, as partners. Ya Allah, kekalkanlah mawaddah dan rahmah antara kami kesyurgaMu. How I miss him right now.

Bila lah aku nak di transferkan ke state?

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