Monday, February 13, 2006


Al-Fatihah. Our deepest condolences to Elin and her family on the demise of her beloved mother following a car accident at Bentong. May she be placed among those soleh and solehah. Amin.. Her father is still recovering. We pray for you and your family to be patient, to be strong InsyaAllah *hugs*

Last week, I moved in to a new house in Pinggiran Putra. 2 months braving the traffic from Klang to Putrajaya is enough. Had a hajat prayer and Yassin recital on Thursday night. Mum cooked for us. Brought Mum and teruna along. Now it only takes me 10 minutes to reach office but it'll take me 5 days to see my son. How I miss him already. I feel bad actually, of having to leave him with mum in Klang. But this is the sacrifice I have to make for his future, non others. I feel guilty, of having to rip off my teruna's right to have his mother by his side, bathing him...feeding him...cuddling him...comforting him... OR is he the one I'm sacrifying for my so to say career? Hmmmmm.... talked to abang, just like me he has no answer.

Weekend was spent at home doing nothing except entertaining my teruna. Beraja ler anak aku 2 hari tuh. Abang made a suprise visit on Saturday night. Nice suprise. Angah's family is complete for a day.


Angah during Army training - 71kg

Angah during Fire & Rescue Department Training - 65kg

Angah at Police Training - 60kg

Angah during Police Training (dinner) - 60kg

Angah had sussessfully lost 11 kg in 4 months time. Angah is on her mission to lose another 5 kg in the coming months. Angah's mission is to lose at least 2 kg per month. Let just hope Angah will succeed.

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