Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Delayed updates

On 28th February 2006
Arrived at 5.30pm . Checked in and zzz. Had dinner and the seminar started at 8.30 only to be told the first ceramah is cancelled... bah! Thus went back to my room and watched both Natasha and Mya Zara. I wonder wujudke manusia sebaik Natasha tu? kalau aku dah lama Tina ngan mak dia makan penampar!

My sister came (she works here in JB) at 12.30 midnight with her fiance. Had splendid supper (?) with ikan bakar, sotong bakar, tauhu bakar, chi kong, tomyam. Ayoo gonelah wy waistline camni..

On 1st March 2006
Happy birthday Muhammad Mifdzal Arief bin Mazlan, my honey bun sugar plum permata hati ayah dan ibu. Yeah.. I do feel something odd just like last year. My teruna was born the day after 28th February but not 1st March. 2 years have past... how time flies...

Now people around me started the game again. The same game we played 3 years back. The game took us, all players 1 whole year to finish. These are the rules of the game :

They ask - I answer - the same question - the same answer - of - "bila nak ada anak?" - "tak de rezeki lagi" - 2002/2003

Again!!! they ask - I answer - the same question - the same answer - of - "takkan 1 je?" / "tak nak tambah lagi ke?" - "takde rezeki lagi" / "insyaAllah" - 2006

We'll finish playing the game only when 2 lines appear on UPT kit! *sigh*

Birthday shoutout goes to Elin's sugar plum, Khilfi Ezzan who turns 2 on 1st March

Jalan-jalan carik pasal
Went to Angsana to get a present for a dear friend. Stopped by Danga Bay just to look around. Hahahaha we (12 of us) took a ride on a choo-choo train. I felt funny, everybody was looking at us - some womena nd men clad in office attire, chatting and laughing thear heart off on a choo-choo train. Siap babai2 bebudak kat situ, felt like exhibited item pulak. And I had fun!... I wish I had my camera with me. It's a no no area for my teruna though, sure pening kepala to entertain his craze for cars... mau takmo turun.

On Seminar
Talks and more talks. How I wish the talks are delivered in different manner. Setakat klik mouse dan baca teks aku pun boleh buat.

But I really like the room. It's a studio apartment like. I think I'll use the pattern for my kitchen and bedroom (especially the TV rack) very practical.