Friday, March 17, 2006

Never Ending Work

Just came back from a meeting. Another burden on my shoulder. But it's ok. Positive thinking Angah - they give me more work because they believe in me, because the know I perfom well, because they don't have other people to dump the load on? The best part of this new responsibility of mine is that.... I can surf the internet all I want, the whole day if I want (including blogging and blog hopping) without anyone questioning hahahahaha. How cool is that? BUT... a big BUT there... there'll be endless reports! I hate reports!
Abang is coming today. He's involved in a bicycle race tomorrow and the day after at Damansara. I think I'll go with him, just for the fun of it. It has been a long time since I join a race, any race for that matter. I miss the fun, the thrill, the adrenaline rush I feel everytime we organise an event especially bicycle race. Kuantan Duathlon is scheduled in May. I'm reserving my annual leave for the event. As usual- Angah the liason officer or Angah the accomodation towkay or Angah the race MC.... I wanna be Angah the nobody-just there-because-her husband- is there..... can or not? like last year, Abang will be the technical director.
Down the memory lane......LTdL 2001, we met (got enggaged 2 months after). LTdL 2002, we went as an enggaged couple, LTdL 2003, we went as a married couple. LTdL 2004, we did not go - I gave birth to our bundle of joy in the same month. Always in different department. He's a commisaire (usually judge 2 - on motorcycle) and I'm with cavalcade. He stays at 5 star hotel, I stay at no star hotel... ohhh in 2003, we stayed together... he fetch me from my supposed-to-stay hotel to his. Send me back in the morning. Everyday. For 2 weeks. Some of us did not know the fact that he's my husband. Ingat aku dok ngendeng officer... apa kelassss!
she : bukan main ko ngah, tangkap komisar, volunteer tak mo..
aku : apsal, jeles?
she : tak ah... best ah.. boleh jalan2, makan2 free lepas race.
aku : ok lah
she : abis ko nak series ke ngan komisar tu lepas ni?
aku : tak paham
she : ye ah.. biasakan bebudak dok rapat masa race je, pastu bye byelah.
aku : wei... komisar tu husband akulah! aku bukan jenis tu, setakat nak makan free, jalan free pi mengendeng officer, sorrylah.
she : lor, husband ko ke? kenapa tak bagitau, bebudak dah sok sek...sok sek cakap pasal ko ngan komisar tu tiap malam keluar, pagi baru balik.. sorilah.
aku : lenkali tanyalah dulu, jgn memandai buat andaian. Kalau aku betul nak buat baik aku ngendeng Presiden Komisar ke, Toke race ni ke..takkan aku nak canang kat semer orang aku dah kawin. Kalau orang tanya aku bagitauler..
she : ok.... sori..
aku : *thinking* ada jugak pompuan ngok yang sanggup 'kawan baik' ngan officers semata2 nak makan ngan jalan2 free.... soalan aku takkan officrs tu bawak jalan, bawak makan free free je? Ntah....
Hmmmm I wonder, ada tak yang mengendeng my hubby?

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