Monday, March 27, 2006


Been trying to post this entry since last week but to no avail. Don't know what's wrong with my blog.. seems like everyone else is at ease publishing their entries..

Thank you guys for all your support. Ana, Nik, Mamarisyia, Syikin, Bie, Kopisuam... I learned a lot from you guys. I've jotted down all surah and doa given, InsyaAllah I'll practice them for my benefit. It's true, some things are blessing in disguise indeed, in this case of mine, it served as a mild reminder for me to perform my duty as a wife, a good wife for that matter. I'm on my way there.

Had a looooong conversation with abang. Straight things out.... yada yada yada... the rest is history. Alhamdulillah I felt relieved after pouring out my feelings, my hope, my worries etc. I don't want it to bug me... rimaslah rasa camni. Yeah... gave him a very mild(?) warning too... how evil I am *evil laugh*, but hey! for my marriage to last, I'll do everything in my power.

On different story...

I'll be in Kuantan from 17th to 21st April for job related matter YAY!!! job pun job ler, janji dekat ngan husband eheheheh. This will be my first experience as interviewer.... but those interviewee certainly have no idea right? So berlagak sombeng lerlah ehe...

On teruna

Ibu : abang dah makan?
Teruna : dah
Ibu: makan apa?
Teruna : acik cicap (nasik kicap)
Ibu : lagi makan apa?
Teruna : ayam leng (ayam goreng)
Ibu : dah minum susu?
Teruna : tak edap (tak sedap)
Ibu : abang nak apa?
Teruna : ebi (baby)Ibu : *gelak tak terjawab*

Adehhhhh... ni mana punya ajaran plak nih!

Ibu : ayah mana?
Teruna : apong (kampung)
Ibu : nak ikut ayah?
Teruna : nanak... itut awi (taknak, nak ikut MAWI)
Ibu : mawi bakpe?
Teruna : awi ayah botak (mawi... ayah botak)
(tu diaaaaa anak aku... mawi=ayah=mawi=botak)

Ibu : abang sayang ibu?
Teruna : ayang *bunyi kiss*
Teruna : abang atu abah abah nenek (abang nyanyi satu labah labah ngan nenek)
Ibu : pandai abang
Teruna : *gelak ngekek ngekek*
Teruna : abang aik etai (abang naik basikal)

There he was busy pedalling back and forth from living room to kitchen. That's ayah boy!

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