Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Money well-spent (?)

Watched LoTR : Return of The king on Sunday. The movie was great.. but I think the part where Saruman made chaos at the Shire, and the fact that he was eventually stabbed by Wormtongue should have been included in the movie.... but yeah... people won't notice, it does not interfere with the plot sequence, but for those who have read the book, they surely want everything to be included. The part where Aragorn himself heals Eowyn, Faramir and Merry, the part where Faramir falls for Eowyn.... yeah... then again, camne nak compress everything in 3 hours kan.... eheh...

Abang gave his comment " kan ke mudah kalau dari mula guna tentera hantu tuh lawan semer orcs". I answered, "kalau camtu tak thrill ler cerita...." I would say, I like LoTR : The Two Towers better, why? because it was fast-paced, as simple as that.

What I detest the most is people's attitude in cinema. Do they have to talk out loud, "lepas ni kan jadi camni, jadi camni." Do they have to 'rock' my seat? Why do I always have to say things like "boleh diam sikit tak?" or "tolong turunkan kaki" Do these people have to attend course on "how to behave in cinemas" or does cinema's management has to come out with "Cinema manual - the do's and dont's" hmmmmm.. any solution? The recent incident was the worst - orang masuk panggung nak tengok wayang... dia pi buat wayang pulak... grrrrrrr ilang selera nak tengok wayang.

Congratulations and celebrations la la la la

to fellow comrades on their wedding
1. Wan Mohd Faizal and Norlida
2. Shafie and Aswahaida
3. Khairul Nizam and Noorul Firdaus

to fellow comrades - bride and bridegroom to be
1. Mohd Hafiz
2. Nurul Aina

to fellow comrades on their engagement
1. Kafiza
2. Suhaili

And they all have held or will hold the ceremony this month... conratulations again :)

I crave for sate, went on search last night and failed. There are a lot of sate stalls here, but I wanted that one and that one only. "Gerai cuti dari 21/12/2003 hingga 27/12/2003" I was so frustrated reading it. Abang said, "makan kat gerai lain tak nak ke?" I said "tak nak." Being a good husband he is, we went back home, and he cooked his famous instant noodles for both of us.... daripada nak makan sate, makan mee segera jer... macam2....

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