Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Back to work today, a note on my table welcome me.... have to attend bengkel pengajaran in Kota Bharu this weekend... sure penat giler travel. What to do... work is work right...

Arrived in Kuantan yesterday evening, was raining all the way. Biasalah ujung tahun nih. Had our lunch at Sup Gear Box restaurant in Temerloh, infront Kolej Risda.

Spent about a week in Klang with mum, visiting relatives and friends as usual, year in year out. Day 3 of Syawal was spent at home, entertaining guests. 4th and 5th of syawal baru bergerak. was eating like nobody business eheheh.. everything looks delicious. Decided to entertain my appetite, while I still can.

Oh.. went for check-up this morning, dah start 2 minggu sekali since dah 30 weeks. Everything is normal, including weight gain... phewwww remembering the food I took the whole of last week.

On the lighter note, welcome to this world dear nieces and nephew..... Nur Firza Irdina binti Ahmad Faidzi, Shahrul Izwan bin Mohd Amir and to-be-named binti Ruszaini eheh... Hugs and kisses from Mak Ngah.

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