Friday, December 19, 2003

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... counting the days... of actually, finally....updating my blog... answering a fellow gejuis' question... I'm fine, safe and sound. I just dont have any interesting updates of my life.. all routine ler...

The jamuan hari raya was ok.. the food was nice, but what I hated the most was, "pastikan semua staff berada di dewan tepat pukul 4 ye" I was like.. oh ok.. so I finished my class 1 hour early. I was there before the clock strikes 4.00pm but the actual jamuan started at 5.00pm. Baik aku teruskan kelas tadik.. rugi masa jer.. grrrrrrr... speeches and all before makan2, the news we were waiting for.... bonus. Oklah... a month pay or minimum RM 1000.

After reading a quite disturbing article, Angah thinks that:

Words sting like bees... the pain is sometimes unbearable, can be healed but the painful memory sticks to our mind. We'll go "no way... I wouldn't want to be stung anymore" but how? stay away from all 'bees', kill the 'bees' or just let ourselves being stung again and again until we develop some kind of immune system in our body?

I'll go for the third option, sooner or later the bees will get bored and eventually stop doing what they do best.... How do I know for sure, well people hate being ignored. Ignore the words not the people.. don't give any reaction to whatever disturbing words being uttered, don't give any response.. just pretend that we forgot to switch on our ears.... the bees will sting when we react to their actions right? So.... without any reaction or response from us, the bees can keep those words and shove them to where the sun doesn't shine....

Angah finished thinking.... phewwww.....

I have to
- book LOTR-Return of the King tickets for tomorrow.
- do some serious grocery shopping.
- lipat all the kain... mounting up in the laundry basket.
- attend a fellow comrade's wedding - what to get him? a kettle jug?
- finish making bakul hantaran for a customer.... just some final touches.
- get some rest after a looooong week (should be at the top of the list hmm..)

have a great weekend everyone :)

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