Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Went to Bank Islam yesterday to renew my ATM card. Hehehe... overdue dah. No charge whatsoever alhamdulillah. Planned of going to Bank Muamallat at about 10.30 am to deposit some money, but somehow I hesitated. So I just went back to the office.

Last night, the breaking news... Bank Muamallat dirompak lebih kuirang pukul 11.00 pagi... Ya Allah.. I guess I made a very, very wise decision not to go there. kalau tak, I might be one of the eye witnesses. Scary thought came over... eiiii.. I started imagining bad things...

A colleague delivered a very healthy baby girl last night, weighing 3.65 kg. Going to pay her a visit after work. Congratulation Kak Ija.

Tomorrow's plan : doing nothing at all - marvellous plan is it not?

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