Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Masih tak hilang

After very long weekend, I managed to drag my feet to the office. Where do I start to explain my absence from blogging world. Well....
I was.. say... quite sick last week. Light fever with very bad cough. I thought it was just pregnancy related illness. But come Friday, I couldn't hold it anymore, luckily abang was here for a program organised by Ministry of Health. I took an EL and we went straight to the hospital.
I did a blood test, for fear of dengue. Damn the nurse, busy chit-chatting that she had to poke me with that needle 3 times. Sakit laaaa.. The result was negative, my fever was caused by bacteria. So got myself a bag full of medicine.
Got an MC for 2 days (28-29 August) another blood tests to follow. Just to make sure I was free from any disease. What to do.. consequences I have to face for delaying a treatment I supposed to get much sooner. Lesson learned!
On meloya-loya and muntah-muntah thingy, not yet experienced, I didn't experience those during my first pregnancy either. Abang suffered them for me. Hopefully this time too... sori la abang... sakit bersalin lin tanggung occay!
Thanks all for your wishes via phone and blog. Alhamdulillah, Allah has bestowed His blessing upon our family. We've been trying for another child since early this year and He granted us our wish. I'm 6 weeks pregnant, a long way to go untill April 25th 2007. Pray for our safety...
I experienced a misscarriage April last year (8 weeks), thus the feeling is mixed. I'm so happy yet so worried if it'll happen again this time. But I leave that to The Almighty. He knows what's the best for me.
But hey! I really miss breastfeeding. Alhamdullillah, I'm given yet another chance to exclusively breastfeed my child, InsyaAllah. It was a year and a half with Arief, I hope to be able to extend it to 2 years with Arief's sister/brother.
Siti & Datuk K vs Mawi & Ina
My sister took another TV in my mum's room and put it beside the TV in the living room. Afraid she might lose an important moment(s) in both programmes, she swiched on both TV's. "tak payah tukar channel, senang" very clever!
My views, just another strategy to ensure high ratings. I watched both programmes (have to maaa) for 1/2 hour and that's it.
Pssttt.. I cannot help from remembering two characters from Shrek - Lord Farquat and Fiona when I looked at Datuk K and Siti sitting on the dais. hahahahaha very evil la my thought. On Mawi and Ina... boriinggg... yesterday's news laaa...but I cannot help myself from laughing when Ina sang, alahai... slang jawanya KOK pekat sangat Ina...(this part, I watched)
Apapun, selamat berbahagia laaa

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