Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reports! letters! On the Double!!

Super Duper Busy. That explains my entryless blog. Reports to finish, letters to write and send to respectives directorates and departments. All because of one event on Friday. I can die standing lah! Gone were my days in the gym after work. I haven't go to the gym for about 3 weeks, my appetite is good and I eat like nobody business. Need to find time to exercise. Some light exercise perhaps. My usual routine would be 1 hour on stationary bike, cycling at 25-30km/p (as shown on the meter) and 1/2 hour of weight lifting for muscle building. With my condition now, I'm planning 15-20km/p on stationary bike for 30-45 minutes and another 1/2 hour weight lifting, maybe using 2lbs dumb bell instead of 5lbs I usually use. Hopefully I can go to the gym tomorrow, crossing my fingers here...already consulted a doctor... so no worries.
Abang will be here for Asian Cycling Championship 2006 for a week and he'll stay after the event for my graduation scheduled on 19th September 2006 at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). Sapa rasa nak bagi aku bunga jemput la datang ramai-ramai ahahaha. Will receive my scroll (ada scroll ke?) from the new appointed Secretary General for the Government. My baju istiadat still fits (the last time I tried it on that is.. erkkk)
Amenda laaa sotkaba nih kan, gambar siti lebam kat leher pun nak tayang, jadi berita. Carik la berita yang bermanfaat sket, cerita yang senonoh sikit kalau ya pun nak melariskan jualan.

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