Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wrap ups

Another long due posting. I have no excuse actually. It's just that I'm living a scheduled life. Very routine, very predictable, very boring to say the least.
Except that abang was here the whole of last week for Asia Cycling Championship, 3 days in Cheras and another 4 days in Putrajaya. So we had lunch together every single day. Other than that? nope, nothing happen, just meetings, paper works, reports and what not.
Attended the convocation on the 19th. Alhamdulillah, after 6 months of painstaking course (that include weeks uotdoor modules of army, police, fire department, BTN, out bound malaysia, penempatan daerah) and indoor modules of endless assignments, tasks, paperworks, exams.... we are all proud to receive the Diploma. I'll upload the pictures later. Only abang accompanied me to the ceremony. Many of us sebatang kara jek ahahaha... Congratulation Angah! and the rest of DPA session 2/2004!
Abang didn't buy me the flower I badly wanted (but I didn't mention it to him, hoping he'd understand)hahahaha, so jealous looking at others taking pictures with flowers you know! That night, he presented me a handbag! "Bunga kalu bagi pun nanti layu buat apa, abang bagi handbag boleh pakai lama" Very true indeed. Thank you abang. I asked him though "kenapa besar abang beli, kecik sket kan ke comel kan?" he answered this " senang isi pampers ngan botol susu anak masa pergi beraya nanti" BULEH KA? hahahaha. Ni hadiah untuk aku ke untuk anak2 dia? Apapun, memang praktikal camtu kan.
Ramadhan is around the corner. Will be my second Ramadhan being away from abang. But this is the sacrify we have to make for the betterment of our future. Harap puasa aku tak rongak tahun ni.