Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Went to Maroz Tailoring at jalan Masjid India to take no.1 dress (baju istiadat) for my graduation day in September. I was afraid that I cannot fit into the dress... since I did the fitting November last year. Yeahoo..... muat! longgar lagik ehehe.. "biasanya kalau PTD datang ambil baju istiadat mesti kena besarkan, ni kena kecikkan ni jarang2 ni" I took that as a compliment (muntah hijaulah kengkawan). 2 dress (day and night) made me RM850 poorer huhuhu.

Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang dinner tomorrow night at PICC. Ayooo I wish I don't have to go.. demi tugas ku gagahkan jua. Usher jer. What do I wear? hhmmm..

Went to Carrefour last night. Thought of buying my teruna's formula. the usual 6 tins for the whole month. It is sold RM48.90 this time around instead of the usual RM 51.75. BUT limited 2 tins per costumer! I was like...kenapa plak? So I had to buy only 2. Have to go again today and tomorrow for another 4. Another option is to ask my friend to buy it. Eeeiiii.. susu pun kena catu? Ingatkan gula jer.
Watched news last night on the demise of Hani Mohsin Hanafi. I couldn't possibly imagine the grieve her daughter went through, witnessing the whole incident. Her cries reminds me of my sister's cries when our father passed away in 2001, my sister was 8. "Kak Lin, Noni dah takde ayah, kenapa cepat sangat Noni takde ayah?. I didn't have any answer, I just held her close and said that Allah loves ayah more than we do. I admired the way Datuk Seri Effendi Nawawi consoled Hani Karmila, very fatherly... I like.


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salam, saya nk tnye..tempah no.1 dress di maroz brape ye kos die? TQ

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