Saturday, July 22, 2006


Now I'm just gonna ramble... don't have to hear me out...
Got a call from a so called friend who whined and whined endlessly on how pathetic her life is. I just sat and try to absorb everything she said and went hmm and hmm and hmm. Okay, her life is pathetic, at least to her. I was trying my best to console her, telling her that it is not the end of the world, that she is lucky compared to other miserable being I wont mention here.
But hey... that was not an easy task. It was impossible to say the least. She was impossible! I mean come on, being married to a businessman who runs his business 24/7 (as she claimed) and not being there for her everytime she wants to go shopping, not returning her calls once in a while, not having time to have breakfast together... the list goes on.. CONCLUSION : HE DOESN"T HAVE TIME FOR ME!
I told her that she is lucky, though her husband is quite busy, they can still see each other every single day. I told her to make the best of it, spend quality time together. BUT NO! what she wanted was for her husband to be with her all the time! And for the record, this friend of mine just got married about 6 months ago.
Oh.. she's a full time house wife. I told her to get a job. BUT NO! she said she planned to be a dutiful housewife, as she plan raise her children on her own. I was like.. what the ****, saying one thing and acting in another. If you have chosen the life you want, then live it! don't whine!
I told her to think rationally, practically, that marriage is not about two people glued to one another all the time. It's about adjusting one's life to suit another. It's all about planning and make sure the plan materialised. Since her husband is a businessman, and busy almost all the time, surely she has to plan their activity ahead. BUT NO! she said she like spontaneity. *rolled eyes* - spontaneity my a*ss!
Ok.. I was still trying to my very best, listening and consoling her.... but her remarks after that saw my patience vanished into thin air!
She : ko takkan faham angah, ko tak rasa sunyi macam aku rasa, ada suami tapi asyik tak de masa untuk aku.
Me : at least tiap hari ko jumpa dia, aku ni dok asing lagik, ujung minggu baru jumpa.
She : setakat jumpa waktu malam, takde pegi mana2, tak buat apa2 best, baik tak payah jumpa.
Me : (at this point I snapped!) Well lady! stop living in a cinderella world will you! you have not experience the feeling of having to live separately from your husband and your child. I have and I still am, and I tell you, it sucks! Baik tak payah jumpa you tell me? try it for a month, no no.. a week. then give me a call.
Me : Friend or no friend, don't say things you don't know to a right person at a wrong time! Calling me in the middle of a night, hoping I would understand your non-existence problem, I am here, living 400km away from my husband and 80km away from my son, hoping to meet them at every chance I get, and you tell me "baik tak payah jumpa?" just because you couldn't drag your husband here and there. You live under one roof for goodness sake! Why can't you be thankful?
(I switched off my handphone!)
I'm just gonna wait if she still has guts to call me. I don't care if she doesn't anyway. I don't lose a thing, losing her as a friend maybe.... but she's not the only friend I have.

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