Thursday, July 20, 2006

be someone else?

If you were given a chance to be someone else, even for a single day, who would you prefer to be and why?

Simple question, hard answer. Was flip flapping a megazine when the question popped out.
Most of us want to be rich and famous, and yeah... super duper beautiful and a body to die for... BAH! and then what? an awfully handsome husband, other women drool over? and then what? children so spoiled that they deserve a kick or two in the a*ss? and then what? naahhh.. money cannot buy happiness.. is it?
And what is happiness really? a stroll in a park with a loved ones? a house full of kids they ran amok at a given chance? big job, big car, big house? seeing your ex lives miserably with his beautiful Bimbo with a capital B wife? seeing your children grow up? How about having all the above? will we be happy then? Will it last?
Nothing last forever.. that's for sure. Ask me the question, I rather be me, myself and I. Grabbing any chance there is to be happy the way I want it. Happiness is an abstract thing, your definition might well be different from mine but I bet, the feeling is similar.
Speaking of being someone else. I got a chance to be a firefighter, a soldier and a policewoman, a week each, during my 6 month course last year. What an experience! Having to wear breathing apparatus, putting out fire of all sorts, journey in the sewer, scuba, handling M16, battle innoculation, jungle trekking in spike boots, road blocks, handling revolver.... I am thankful I'm just another desk officer! But I'm happy to have the chance to be in their shoes, experiencing their daily routine even for a week.

ASP cadet for a week ahahaha.. can laaa..

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