Monday, December 12, 2005

Re-Posting, re-shaping

Here I am, stranded in the office 2 weeks after DPA ended. I got re-posted to the HQ here in Putrajaya. So... so.... sad. Thinking of my 2 babies.. abang and arief. I was hoping to be posted back in Pekan if not Kuantan, hoping to be under one roof after 1 year of being here and there. Still tring to grasp the idea of having to live separately at least for the next 3 years or so. If other people can, why can't I?

It's not the end of the world Angah! I'll do what I've been told to do, after a few months I'll try my luck of tukar suka sama suka with a friend currently posted in Kuantan. Hopefully the management will re-consider. Now I have to find a place to settle in. Luckily my mum is around to take care of my son.

On a lighter note... yess friends... thanx for the wishes. It really took a great effort to lose weight. It took me about 4 months to lose 11 kg. Still need to lose about 5 to reach my goal. The recipe is eat less and exercise more. Eating less without exercise takes you nowhere. I suffered the first 3 weeks or so to restrain myself from consuming food but as time goes by, the tummy will sort of adjust to the new amount of food we consume. Watch calories intake perday, take a lot of plain water, take more fruits and vegetables. Since the minimum calories to be taken is about 1300 instead of a normal 2000, do take not less than the former and not more than the later. Do a cardio exercise (running, cycling, aerobics, walking etc) at least 1/2 hour 4 times a week and increase the time and resistance as you go along.

Answering one of my friend's question. No dear.. I didn't take any form of weight losing product what so ever. I just watch my calories intake (less carbohydrate, fat, sugar) and exercise regularly. Yes it was hard at the beginning, But after 2 months and the result is encouraging, food intake and exercise have become a routine for me. My aim now is to lose another 5 kg and maintain the weight... at least until Allah granted me with another bundle of joy in my womb.

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