Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's almost time to say goodbye

Another week before DPA ends. Another week of hectic schedule. Somehow they managed to come up with many 'brilliant ideas' for Minggu Sintesis. Car boot sale, debate, photography session, talks and more talks, DPA explorace, Malam this and that... the list goes on. Having to commute from Intengah to Kiara everyday is enough for me to sigh.

But we have mixed feelings. The course will end.. at last... but we have to go back to respective ministries and departments to begin our daily routine again. Leaving back all memories good or bad. As for me... bilik gerakan banjir is waiting for me... bah!

Baju istiadat will be ready in March. Another RM750 to spend since I want a full set. Graduation will probably be in October. I just hope I can still fit in the baju.

PPK 1 got a promotion. He's now the Ketua Pusat cum the Pengarah Kursus. The next batch will surely miss the fun of having him as PPK.

Good news.... I managed to lose weight yeahaaa! I lost about 11kg in 6 months time. Just have to maintain my current weight. At least I won't be balooning once I get pregnant again.

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