Thursday, November 13, 2003

It has been a week since the last entry, nope... I wont use that lame excuse - no time-. In fact I have all the time in the world to jot down something, but it just that I was not in the mood to write, I don't have interesting stories to tell.

Yesterday was total relaxation for me, went to clinic for check-up. All ok, alhamdulillah, bought some CDs.. 4 for RM 10, very suprising. So we went on spree, beli sampai RM 30. Watched 'The Others' featuring Nicole Kidman. Nice story. I'm still looking for a CD entitled 'Madam Butterfly'. Susah betul nak cari CD lama nih ek.. I didn't cook for iftar, My sister in law was in charge, so there I was lazying around till buka puasa.

I received a sad news on Tuesday. One of my student passed away, involved in an accident in Raub on Sunday. He was in the middle of final exam, went back to his kampung for iftar with his family. He was a good student, his first semester as IPT student. May Allah bless his soul. Al-Fatihah...

Some of my officemates have started their cuti raya, ye lah, since they have no more classes and this is and oppurtunity to relax from work, balance annual leave pun bertimbun. Mine pun bertimbun buat I'll save it for maternity leave next year.

Received few kad raya... I still prefer the old way, write something, put it in an envelope, paste a stamp and post it. Still doing it until now. The feeling of reading a hard copy raya card is diffrent from reading an e-card. I received some from my students... It feels good to know that they remember me.

Oh.. I also received several wedding invitations. Semua masa musim raya. Kalau larat pergilah, kalau tak kirim salam jerlah eheh...

I'm off now... have to finish the internal audit due tomorrow.... very boringlah, have to count all the chairs and tables, and practically everything owned by this company... Eh boss... no bonus ah this year?

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