Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Spent the whole day marking papers.. phewww.. penat mata aku. My mum called, there'll be an iftar, sort of family's get together this week at grandma's place... oklah i'll be there though I know I won't enjoy it as much as I wanted to.... I'll spare the details.

Watched my nephews played firecrackers last night, brought me down the memory lane when ayah was still with us... hmm.. I miss him. Alfatihah.

What... baju raya? No specific baju raya this year. I'll just wear whatever I have bought. Abang... he said baju nikah still fits, so no need to buy or tailor a new one. The money can be channeled to other things. I couldn't agree more.

Kuih? I'll make some... the ingredients are just money in my pocket eheh.. no time to bake cookies lah. Talking about kuih raya, rupa jer lain, rasa sama jugak. But I'll make sure there are plenty of kerepek on my table, different kind ofcourse.

Duit raya? you give me lah.....

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