Tuesday, October 10, 2006

For the sake of updating

Just finish a paper work on a seminar in December. Penang here I come. And I'll be in Taiping for Division's retreat programme. The best thing is that I can bring along my hubby and my son. Combining work with pleasure. I likeeee...

Hmmm.. we were in a discussion the other day when my superior jokingly said this " E'e, bawakla husband ngan anak, nanti macam angah pergi bertiga balik berempat" I never thought of it laaaa.. then I remember that seminar in Terengganu ahahahahaha... very true indeed. The UPT kit showed 2 lines after we came back from the trip. Rezeki Allah beri, Alhamdulillah.

I'm in the process of applying for a transfer to Pahang State Government. I really hope the transfer will be effective in December (next PTD intake) or in June next year, right after the confinement period.

I'm thinking of cooking something simple for iftar today. Kuey teow sounds delicious. So it'll be kuey teow goreng and perhaps creme caramel for dessert. I had bayam tumis air, telur dadar and ikan masak pedas last night.

what's your menu tonight?

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