Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Puking it all out

They never fail to make me laugh. Watched the news last night over dinner, cant stop laughing to see these two called 'heroes' receiving present from Pak Lah. Do they have to wear those baju melayu songket pengantin.. LOL. Pak Lah himself was in batik attire.

Personally, I can't accept the title 'heroes' given to them. Come on.. they were sponsored... RM 1.5 mil if I'm not mistaken. Hero is for those who are willing to sacrify themselves for others' sake. Organ donators are heroes. RM 1.5 mil... my goodness, could be better if the money was channeled to charity, say helping those kids with liver problem to undergo surgery they badly need just to stay alive. RM 1.5 mil just to send two healthy man to the other part of the world is heroic they say... BAH!! I'm not laughing at the moment.

Was still watching the news on the upcoming liver transplant surgery (can't recall that child's name) Once I thought, having an insurance policy means my child will be on the safe side. I thought wrong. Turn out that any critical illness that occurs within 2 years from birth is not covered by the policy. I felt cheated! might as well buy the policy when Arief turns two! But recently I heard of a policy which covers both expecting mother and her unborn child until the baby turns two. Good investment I guess. I'll keep that in mind when planning for the second one. Not in the near future though.

Read a newspaper this morning. How could they leave that baby? without any clothes on. Those people should be thrown into a tiger's cage for all I care. Crazy people.. how can they live with that?

Audition sucks. Enough said.

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