Friday, June 04, 2004

Tima kasih kak iza, buatkan wallpaper tuh.. cantik.

Malam tadi aku terlebih rajin, masak ikan bawal masam manis ngan kailan ikan masin.

I found a poem, an erotic one.

Before Life

You are tired
You always are
when we finish.
I can't sleep, as usual,
so I turn and, hanging my feetfrom the side
of the bed,place
my head on your flat stomach
and jusr feel you sleep, feel
you breathe. I wll do this
every night for the next
nine months,
and while I won't be sure
for three more weeks
I know I hear,
I feel two hearts,
two breaths

Jesse A. Minneman

Love for a wife and an unborn child. Greatest love one can offer is it not?

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