Friday, June 23, 2006

Aku Gumbira

My desktop : My teruna

I was sooooo happy yesterday. Drew some money ( it wasa pay day) to buy my teruna's 6 tins of Pediasure and 3 packs 0f XL60 huggies dry. Went to Carrefour Alamanda to shop. Took a trolley, push it here and there looking for things on the list. Was at formula section and the 10% discount on all formula made me smile (more than that actually). The usual RM51.75 a tin was RM46.57. I saved more than RM30...

Moved on to diapers section. Huggies was sold at RM33 only (2 packs per customer) ahaaaa luckily I was witha friend, asked her to pay for another 2. Bought some other things too.

I went back with 6 tins of Pediasure and 4 packs of huggies. I was a happy mum.

Abang will be here tomorrow (pleasant suprise eheh) coz his niece enters a treasure hunt in Midvalley. Since her sister will surely lose her way here, abang voluntereed to be her driver. Bonus for both my teruna and me lah kan.. Planned to buy more Pediasure while it's on sale...

Tomorrow's plan. Will be joining gengjurnal for a makan-makan session (potluck) at Bagan Lalang in conjunction with The International Webloggers Day. My first gathering since 2004. I think of bringing Laksa Penang and Creme Caramel.

Will be with abang and SIL at Midvalley Megamall for the treasure hunt event. Maybe a movie afterwards. My teruna has been pestering me to watch cars. Macamlah paham.... but for him, anything. But watching a movie with this one chirpy toddler could be a problem, a DVD version will do then...oh heck! I'll be listenging to lagu beyor for the upteenth time tomorrow and the day after..... come monday and my ears will still ring the dikir song huuaaaaa

So what's your plan for this weekend?

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