Monday, June 19, 2006


I sold my house and in a process of buying another. My hubby and I think that it's a good bargain since the house is completely built. CF ready some more! I'll upload the pictures later. Blogger is goblok again. For some reason not known to me (obviously) it refuses to upload images.
I'm quite my self. Cold and cough have stopped, not completely though. Abang was here the whole week to take care of me. Alhamdulillah. This morning, we had our breakfast, drove separate cars, stopped at Setia Alam toll plaza to kiss goodbye (I mean it literally, he's my husband kan... and it's on the cheeks for the record). Just before Putrajaya/Cyberjaya exit we drove in paralell, bid goodbye...went separate ways... Putrajaya and Kuantan. Other drivers might think that we were some lunatics bah! Do I care? No! I kept thinking for how long can I live this kind of life...... Ya Allah give me strength to live my life the way you have planned for me...Amin.
Oh yeah... misery aside. The new route from NKVE to Meru (Setia Alam) is opened. Joy! Joy! I can save 1 ringgit a journey (Klang-Putrajaya-Klang) since I skipped Shahpadu Highway (40 cent) and I only pay RM 5.40 instead of the usual RM 5.50 from Bukit Raja. And it will take 45 minutes of my time instead of an hour journey before. Yey! I have a reason to smile today onwards.

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