Monday, June 26, 2006

We had fun

We had so much fun! My first time meeting with these wonderful people from gengjurnal. I'm a member, the senyap one though. Arrived at Bagan Lalang after 2 hours drive from Klang pheww.. it was that far! Among the first to arrive. It was a potluck. I brought laksa penang. And my laksa was voted the best potluck ehehehehe...
My teruna.. ahah! memula malu laaaa lepastu tak boleh handle dah! The best thing about gatherings is this : you'll get a free babysitter for a day.. hahahahaha...everybody is willing to look after your child(ren).
After makan-makan session was terjun laut session. How ironic... 4 years living in Kuantan, not even once did I mandi laut at any beach there, Teluk Chempedak, Batu Hitam, Cherating, name it... and last Saturday.. I managed to soak myself wet, not mandi though.. melayan teruna aku tu main air di Bagan Lalang. hmmmm
Amat malang! I left my camera behind. hampeh laaaa
Arrived home at 8.30 pm. My teruna? masuk kereta, hisap susu, zzzzzzzzzzz..all the way home.

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