Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well.... nearly 2 weeks since the last time i posted something here. I was on "unscheduled" holiday so to say. Was supposed to start my leave on 5th - 9th June, I took it early, started on 1st June till yesterday. Why so long? Here's the story, bear with me...
Abang called on 30th May, saying that Ayah wanted us to join him in Kelantan. Given the circumstances at that time. We have to say yes... Thus my son and me departed to Kuantan on 31st May. Nasib baik boss aku sporting.
1st June - Kuantan - Pasir Mas
Next day... we started the journey to Pasir Mas. Reached Pasir Mas at 2.00 a.m! Was supposed to depart at noon but my biras couldn't make it as he had to be on call. Remember the aircrash involving TUDM Hawk aircraft? My biras is one of the Hawk's pilots.. he had to be there for the rescue mission. Well... that left us with only 2 cars on convoi. My teruna was esthatic the whole journey. Slept a good 2 hours, woke up when we reached Kuala Berang, as chirpy as ever until we arrived.
2nd June - Pasir Mas - Ayer Lanas - Kubang Kerian.
Morning saw me helping my MIL decorating the hantaran. At noon we departed to Ayer Lanas for the wedding. It's just a majlis kesyukuran for that matter. My goodness the weather in Kelantan was sooooo hot!!! I had to changed my teruna's clothes more that 3 times the whole event. The fact that we had to eat in the house without a single fan on did not help. I opted out. We sat under a mango tree. After seeing pakcik and our new makcik, we bid farewell. We grabbed our lunch at a nearby restaurant... just to escape the heat! Settling in the car with a full blown air cond was like HEAVEN!! My teruna dozed off almost instantly. Reached Kubang Kerian after Asar. Went straight to Ma Muna's house. Another wedding.
Night was spent at Wakaf Che Yeh. Night also hot! Ayooh. I bought NOTHING! very sad lah. How to buy things when my teruna was clinging like a koala bear, gave a shriek every time I tried to shop! So we went back with only PENAT. Abang dah sakit kepala..
3rd June - Kubang Kerian - Pasir Mas - Kubang Kerian
Went back to Pasir Mas after Zuhur Prayer to help with the preparation for menyambut menantu. My responsibilities was decorating bilik pengantin. As usual there were makcik2 giving their comments..... I played deaf for all I care! Nak tolong pun mujur. Abang was quited angry when MIL asked us (my SIL and me) to do the chore. "macam dah takde orang nak buat kat sini" was abang's reaction. The tirai and cadar are mine mind you... being a DIL, i just kept my mouth shut and did the task.
The actual plan did not materialised... we planned to go to Rantau Panjang today and to pakcik's house at night for majlis menyambut menantu tomorrow. But not to stir things up... so plan was cancelled. To show his protest, abang decided to spend the night at Ayah's house again. MIL was angry, I just knew by looking at her reaction. BUT it was my hubby's decision. Not me. BUT I was glad because I can sleep in a room! Kenduri.. what you expect? given a room to yourself? dream on! aku dah lah tak reti tidur bersepah ni? sleep in tudung some more? So off we went back to Kubang Kerian.
4th June - Kubang Kerian - Pasir Mas - Kubang Kerian
Majlis menyambut menantu. My teruna has started to show his reactions due to the heat. He was having difficulty to breath, runny nose, a slight coughing, cranky almost all the time. I was alarmed when his eczema started to show on his temple, his back. By midday I asked abang if we can go to the nearest pead/clinic for a nebulizer. Off we went. We had our teruna nebulized, some medication to go with it. One matter solved. Went back to Kubang Kerian after Asar. My SIL terus balik Kuantan.
5th June - Kubang Kerian - Kuantan
We headed home after zuhur. I felt a bit different. My throat sore, tonsil dah bengkak, dah start menggeliat, my joints ache. the words Viral Fever kept ringing in my head. Told abang. Reached Kuantan after maghrib, we headed straight away to Penawar. After check-up... sah ler.. kena lagi viral fever aku nih. Oh.. my teruna had his second session of nebulizer. The third and fourth will followsuit. Got MC until Friday
6th- 9th June - Kuantan
The days were spent between looking after my teruna (another sessions of sedut gas) and scenes of makan ubat and scenes of half shouting "arief dont jump/arief dont run/arief jom sleep/arief take medicine" my almost non-existent voice! Ayooo... nursing a sick child when I myself was ill really tried my patience lah... mujur ada abang... he did all house chores, cooking not included. By Friday, I felt better.. my teruna seemed better.
10th June - Kuantan - Klang
Journey home. My teruna slept almost all the way. Reached Klang and I slept a baby sleep, knowing my mum will take care of my teruna.
11th-12th June
Sambung cuti lagi. My joints still ache.
13th June
Here I am, in the office.
So... the holiday I planned... was indeed a holiday! Ada juga hikmahnya bila tak sihat semasa bercuti, duit tak habis dan aku ada banyak masa berkualiti dengan suami dan anak. Kalau sihat, ntahlah... rabak poket aku dan abang mungkin habiskan masanya jadi pemandu jer lah... sebab banyak sangat plan aku nak ke sana sini minggu lepas. Banyak nanti habiskan masa dengan orang lain kan....

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